Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Deep Fried Oreos + Needle Chat

Porter County Fair (Valparaiso Indiana) has to be the best in Indiana. I get excited thinking about all the tents, lights, people, exhibits, entertainment (I'm not a ride person - but, most say the midway is great) and animals. Walking thru the food vendors we HAD to get deep fried oreos. So rich, it was sickening, one bite was enough for me. Walked further down & they had deep fried twinkies, snickers, etc. My stomach lurches thinking about it. Never mind the heat index of 115 degrees, fair people unite and perspire together. (Dare I mention the Porter Co Fair Queen is enrolled in welding school -- doesn't that just rock?)

I love the fair. I am a fair junkie -- have the 10 day program memorized in a few hours. My family yields & goes along. This year, my husband took some days off work to accompany me to the dog show (agility and showmanship). Never mind the Llama stuff. And Sheep stuff. You think Shep Bush has cute sheep? I may even go on the ferris wheel one night. The view from the top -- looking down at the lights is poetry.

Heard we should have a high of 77 degrees on Wednesday which is great -- military personnel, veterans, seniors, and library kids get in free .... Summer Reading participants ride for free x 2 hours. Valpo Univ band plays a patriotic concert at 5:45 (and our Tori will be on piccolo for Stars N Stripes). Vetran's recognition program at 6:30. I cannot wait. Other free stuff include the hyptnoChick, acrobats, pig races, magic show, and Pie Day. Try to top that!!!

Have finished a Mill Hill magnetic pin cushion. I found this lonesome kit in a sale bin & the fringe intrigued me. Stitched it up (beads on linen) and worked this looped fringe -- which loops thru the previous loop. I put in FOUR ceramic disc magnets - wrapped in saran wrap (sometimes those magnets change fabric colors) -- added a strip of cheap felt and stitched the thing shut. Took some doing (first time for this kind of thing) and it is really cute. The flower head pins jump right to it.

Now am concentrating on perforated paper entries for Lake County Fair (due 7/31). Lake County fair has a larger Family Arts exhibit -- Porter County has a better overall fair -- IMO. I enter stuff into both -- love the ribbons and love seeing my stitching friends. Together, we celebrate the wins / losses and crab about the judging. It is great. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Vonna said...

I'm a fair person too...love them! I've never been to the Indiana State Fair and I beg my husband to go each year...but it never works out and then I think about 4 kids in 100 degree weather in Indianapolis and I get sick in the stomach ;)
But it sounds as if your fair is great :)
The Monroe Co. Fair here in Bloomington, is good down home fun :) We have fried cheesecake, makes me nauseous thinking about it, but I always go for the tenderloins! YUM!


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