Wednesday, July 27, 2005


27-07-2005: #22 What is your most unique/interesting stitching quirk? (This could be something concerning the way you stitch, how you organize your stash, etc.)

Everything I do is quirkie. I have shoe boxes for floss which my friends say is crazy. But, I figure why spend my stitching time organizing floss? I don't think any system works!

1) I have a ziplock back full of odd threads -- you know how you cut lengths of floss, use 2 strands, have 4 clean strands? Well, I put them in a zip lock bag (I have a lot of them). Never mind the 50 or so empty floss bobbins in the drawer, unused stickers with DMC floss numbers, and 200 empty floss-a-way bags -- I put orts in a zip lock bag. And, yes, I use them for stitch samples.

2) I have a basket (think nut/candy cup - favor from a bridal shower) made of metal on my desk. When I use up a skein of floss, I save the color number bands. I toss the bands into the basket, until I go shopping. When I go shopping, I take them with me -- already know what colors I've used up! The bonus is the metal basket -- Magnets stick to it.

3) I have a metal mesh file basket on my desk. (from Staples) The front looks like a bulletin board for all my magnets & EGA pins. It is a collection of stuff I enjoy looking at while I stitch!

4) I found a small set of drawers at Hobby Lobby (on sale) and loaded up every drawer. There is no special order ... but, nobody is allowed to touch it ... I should dust for finger prints.

5) I have a basket on top of my drawers (see#4) for magnifier & odd supplies (beads, fibers, buttons, charms). I throw everything in there for the current project I'm working on .... that way, my daughter's cat cannot get into anything while I step away.

I'm sure I have more quirks. I love to stitch, don't like to waste time keeping things tidy!

20-07-2005: #21 Have u ever done a color conversion? If so, did u think about your results & would u do it again? If not, would u like to try someday?

I have used color conversions most frequently when a project calls for overdye fibers. IMO projects are great with some overdye fibers, but, I like solid color fibers added for balance. + there are things I want to be washable when finished & I have heard some overdye bleed on the ground fabric. If I don't like how things look, I rip it out and try something else until I'm satisfied. Usually, I get going on a project and make changes as I go along ... makes it unique! I like to try different things all the time.

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