Monday, August 29, 2005

Needlebook MIOM / WIP

Image hosted by I knew I had another needlebook in the works .... I have this lovely Prairie Schooler pattern ... c.1994 .... I started the rabbit several years back & knew I needed to move this out ; ) I like stitching critters! I've been on a needlebook kick for a week. I don't seem to have enough of them to grab & take along. Move It Out Monday continues .... with my frog charm nearby to WART off mistakes.

Checked my stash for another linen piece. Did locate 32-count Daily Grind -- may restitch the Milkpaint sampler. Maybe I'll do a test run in the corner to see if the color is what I want -- or, I'll try prarie grain (greens may not work, though) The motifs are great stitching. No BSing (what a bonus). Not sure what to do with the one I've finished ; ) Will pass that along to the WTF pile .....

Checked my WIPs (2005). Still keeping my New Year's resolution to: Fix it, Finish it, Stitch it, or Pitch it ... Not including workshop pieces (took the class to learn / not necessarily to finish) I think I have 12 WIPs (4 workshop) . The WIPs I know of are not going to be done by 12/31!


Chelle said...

Hope your frog charm WARTS off any mistakes - love that!!

BeckySC said...

Ooohh, something else I will have to look forward to seeing from you...can't wait :) :) :)


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