Friday, August 26, 2005

Sidebar Genius .... lol

What a week. What a day. My sidebar continues to be under construction. I've tried to get everything done .... ha. Depending on what hour I worked on that.... there were dots without words -- extra spaces -- missing stuff. Then, when I tried to add -- I'd mess up what was ok. Would forget to save! I cannot spell. I cannot write. I cannot type. I cannot alphabetize. I kept saying out loud "oh no" "oh no" "you have got to be kidding" you know ... idiot speak. If you spot errors .... I apologize in advance. I only work on blogs an hour at a time. No more than twice a day. Idiot speak. I keep learning.

I got so sick of my .coms & .orgs -- I started a whole new section called "look here 2". I'm thinking .... just put stuff in no particular order. I swear. I'm so un-kewl with techno speak.

I FINALLY figured out how to translate web sites. Now I can actually read the blogs in languages other than English. Genius those google techno folks.

1 comment:

Chelle said...

I think your blog looks lovely. Very kewl sidebar! Congrats on kickin' some techno backside!


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