Monday, September 19, 2005

MIOM - A list of WIPs

Noticed my WIP list is shorter in September - than it was in January 2005. Here is my list. I listed my WIP's by how long I've had them! These are wonderful designs that I've been working on & setting aside for whatever reason -- the projects I want to finish to make room for more:

1998: Ann Scutt Sampler (from Scarlet Letter)
2000: Gay Ann Rogers; Mystery w/a Little Bit of Glitz
2001: Hillside Samplings - My Stitching Chair Necessaire
2001?: Mill Hill - Acorn Sampler Afghan (only stitch this in the Winter months)
2002: Shepherd's Bush - In my Garden Roll (fob is stitched)
2002: Sewing Chest Designs - Old Saybrooke Sampler
(to be made into sewing case w/fob & NR)
2002: Milkpaint Sampler (Have the hemstitch all the way around. trying to decide what to stitch on inside pockets. just don't know if I want the Abigail Adams saying stitched or more M.Garry motifs inside. )
2003: Patricia L. Preston - Remember Me Sewing Pouch with Accessories
2004: Claudia Dutcher - Buzz my Grapes Tabletopper (needed more green perle cotton)
2005: EGA course - English Band Sampler (needs a lot of embellishing)

I have several things in the WTF category -- which is ok. I don't usually 'finish' until I need them ; )

This week, I've decided to work on the color problem I had with the Gay Ann Rogers sampler. I was moving along & found my coice of DMC 3042 (perle Coton #5) was too close in color to the canvas I selected. My only goal is to find another perle coton that works with the Amethyst Watercolours by Caron. I am thinking to scrap all purple/lavender & try some peach or grey/green.

After I choose some possible choices, I'll try to get more of the eyelets worked (with Kreinik metallic stuff on spools). Maybe if I have more of the metallic worked, I can figure out the color problem.

I've got to hand it to ALL designers -- choice of colors is vast. Not everything I like works! I'm not very fond of canvas. Prefer linen or evenweave over canvas & congress cloth.

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Barbara said...

I've never stitched on canvas. That project you show, though, is enough to make me want to try. I LOVE the colors you're using. I have some Caron Amethyst (wildflowers) in my stash that I just drool over.


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