Friday, September 16, 2005

Nikki & Button

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNikki is a brat.  He will sit on the couch - behind your head and bite your hair.   He doesn't really like you to pet him.  He likes to be NEAR you.  yesterday morning, he fell asleep on the bed -- I thought he was sleeping soundly.   Started laundry & returned to the room to find him peeking at my stitching stuff AGAIN.   No No Nikki!    He continues to get into everything and stalk our Button (older cat on the floor).   Button is nearly 19 years old & puts up with Nikki at every turn.   Button loves to be held & stroked -- she looks for our son, Alex, all the time.   Alex will pull her up next to him all the time.   Two cats - total opposites.   sigh.


Christine Doyle said...

Aw, what cuties!

Jenna said...

Those are some beautiful tabbies you have, Lelia. They remind me of my cat when I was a teenager. Too bad I've developed an allergy to cats now. :( *sniff* I'm happy to be able to give vicariously through the photos that cat-loving bloggers like you and Isabelle post of your precious beasties.

KarenV said...

Nikki and Button are so cute :) Our two are opposites too - Maisie is the cute and cuddly one, whereas Thomas likes to be close to us (he's currently snuggled up next to DH on our bed) but not be petted. If you try to stroke him anywhere but his head, he bites!

BeckySC said...

I only have one furr baby inside and she is QUEEN of the's so funny, she thinks she's a dog half the time ROFL! I have 3 dogs and she let's them know she is boss kitty!!!

I love your babies :) ADORABLE!!

hugs, gf! Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Isabelle said...

Your kitties are beautiful!
... And hey, wouldn't it boring if they were like-minded ? ;)

Gina E. said...

Topsy is like Nikki - everything is cuddles when SHE wants it, but if one of us picks her up and she isn't in the mood, it's all claws and teeth! Our previous cats, Patra and Smokey (both long-hairs - wonder if that is anything to do with it) just loved to be held and stroked any time at all.


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