Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pumpkin Keeper (Freebie)

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Picked up my Cynthia Zittel pattern - Pumpkin Keeper. Pattern is on the Drawn Thread web site. I changed three of the colors -- the pumpkin 3853 & 3854 Plus the eyelets 744. I like a little more color. The pattern calls for 36 count Summer Khaki Linen. I started this on a 32 count Belfast - linen color is Driftwood. Guess What? It is too big to be a fob. Might be a cute pin cushion -- maybe I have enough linen left over for a fob -- just with the pumpkin ; )

I haven't been stitching much. I had one of the dogs on a leash, tripped over the rolled up garden hose & landed pretty hard on the concrete. My right arm had been pretty sore -- is ok now.


Jenna said...

OK, now Lelia... let me sit you down for a little talk here. Hasn't anyone told you not to post tantalizing freebies without including a link to the site? ;)

Sorry you hurt your arm. Who do you think you are, me? I've banged myself up so badly this week that there isn't a quadrant of my body that doesn't have some sort of bruise!

BeckySC said...

Hi there ....I am sorry to hear about your can't be doing that gf!!! I hope you are ok -take care of yourself :)

I have all the DT fob freebies stitched up-I think most of them were gifts and/or exchanges from others and they are mostly on 32 ct. and I still use them as fobs :) :) I love them all :)
You progress looks lovely !!

Take care my friend :) Don't make me come over there...ROFL!!!!

Chelle said...

*OUCH* I'm glad your arm is better now. I like your Pumpkin Keeper color changes. Lookin' good!!


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