Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Reading Blogs now ...

I try to limit my computer time to an hour in the a.m. and sometimes an hour later in the day. 2 much fun seeing all the progress & reading the needlechat. I'm amazed at all pictures I'm viewing on the blogs I've been catching up with ; )

I have a mystery to solve ... some blog accounts I'm not able to leave comments on -- like Kimberly Kali's Creations I don't know why the comment window won't open. But, check out the blog! Awesome needlepoint & stitching. The tiger is delicious. And, Kimberly, I hope you have not blocked me!!

I am giving much thought to my gift list, new 2006 project list, SAL list, WIP list, WTF list -- + think I'll have unobtainable goals. I enjoy putting small projects into the County Fairs (July & August) lots of entries. This Fall, NANI will have an exhibit, too. The chapter has a small boutique of stitched things for sale and opportunity drawings on items like afghans, pillows, etc. I volunteer to stitch.

Yes - stay tuned, no kewl stitching to share .... I'm going to tour more blogs this morning ; ) I hope to head over to LaPorte for House of Stitches end-of-year sale. That starts on Thursday. Between visiting the LNS & viewing blogs, I feel fortunate to have so much inspiration!


Barbara said...

Hi Lelia - looking forward to seeing your 2006 projects, whatever they turn out to be!

Von said...

Hi Lelia! Blog reading does get a big addictive, doesn't it!! Still, it does inspire me to get more stitching done so I can share it on my blog too, lol!
I enjoyed the link to your NANI group and am curious about your boutique and other fund raisers your chapter does. My smocking guild is always looking for ideas :)

BeckySC said...

Hi there :)
There are some blogs I cannot get the pop-up comment to open I don't leave comments-Kali's was one of those tonight :)
It happens to me on other blogs as well-but only the ones that use pop-up comment boxes-and then it doesn't happen all the time...go figure :)


Cathy said...

Have fun shopping at House of Stitches and do share with us your purchases!!!

Carol in Pa said...

Hi, Lelia! The mug rugs that you liked on my blog are done with wool strips. And to address your question with Kimberly's blog - she has her settings adjusted to not accept comments. It's a tab on our dashboard.

I love the colors in your pinkeep. I'm hoping to get the one done that goes in my envelope soon, then I have a Keslyn's pinkeep to finish also. Guess it's time to find a nice basket to display all of these!


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