Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pulling out Fibers : )

I am planning ahead for a couple SAL's & decided to pull some fibers out of my stash for Tin Pin Heart. Tin Pin Carrot is a kit.
Image hosted by
Tin Pin Heart
Image hosted by
Tin Pin Carrot

Undecided on the linen for Cherished Workes .... I have a 32 count lambswool and a 32 count antique ivory that would be nice.


Susimac said...

Cherished Workes is gorgeous, me I would stitch it on lambswool. Looking forward to seeing your tin pins when you've done them.

I'm feeling much better now thanks- went back to work today :-(

Von said...

Too much fun pulling threads for a new project!! Love the colors and designs :)

Cathy said...

I almost bought these two patterns when I was at the needlework store last week but I talked myself out of them! Can't wait to see yours finished!

claudine said...

It's beautiful! My english is poor but y tri to read you "regulary"
happy new year ! and good stitching! claudine - south of france

Maya said...

They look like lovely projects and I guess the nicest thing about them is that they'll get done quick! Looking forward to seeing them done.
Thanks for visiting my site! :)

Tobie said...

Hi Lelia, it looks like you're gearing up for lots of over-one stitching! I've always liked both of these designs. :) Can't wait to see your finishes. Have a great weekend!

Danielle said...

Those tin pins are too cute! Are they new? I don't think I have seen them before.


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