Wednesday, February 15, 2006

RAK'd : )

Image hosting by PhotobucketLook what came in the mail? Cathy sent this exquisite hardanger piece! The perfect smyrna cross, excellent kloster blocks, delicate dove's eye, detail on the edge, beautiful color (lilac/pink) are spectacular & surpass anything I could ever accomplish! Thank You so much!

Image hosting by PhotobucketA close-up to showcase Cathy's skills. The edge is beautiful as all the 'corners' are rounded. Totally Awesome.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnd, look what else was in my P.O.Box ... Chelle sent some Homespun Elegance,
Image hosting by PhotobucketCross-Eyed Cricket, DMC & freebie designs. I'm gobsmacked. I'm grateful! NINE new patterns. As Chelle says, "I'm so spoiled, I stink!!" Thank you - Thank You - Thanks a heap : )

Image hosting by PhotobucketA delivery truck came to the door ... very rare event ... DH sent me tulips from Organic Bouquet. Not only are the flowers wonderful on the table, the mauve box is going to house my scroll rods!

Image hosting by PhotobucketI used Anchor 152 (navy) + DMC 221 (dk red) for my Tin Pin Heart. The temperature soared to 53 degrees -- bright & sunny day. It was just too nice to be indoors. Didn't get it mounted into the tin (yet).

Image hosting by PhotobucketLaunched the BOAF's Love. Did change the fibers from Sampler Threads to Floss. Looking forward to putting in more stitches today as it is back to usual Winter weather -- overcast, temperatures falling, forecast of rain-sleet-snow.


Susimac said...

What a lovely hardanger finish that is - reallylovely what a nice gift to receive. Love all your new charts too, I'm jealous as I haven't had much stitchy mail this month, I'll look forward to seeing them stitched up and shown on your lovely blog. DH has lovely taste in flowers & I love your tiny finishes too.

KarenV said...

What fabulous gifts! That Hardanger from Cathy is just amazing - so exquisite! The charts look wonderful too - enjoy your new stash!

Love your start on "Love" ;) It's a cute piece when it's stitched up.

Nicki said...

What beautiful hardanger!

And I love your tin pin heart - it's so neatly stitched :)

Cathy said...

Lee - I'm glad you are enjoying the hardanger piece. You've been very supportive and a good friend and I wanted to return the favor! Can't wait to see your tin pin heart!

Von said...

Awesome - that's about all I can say!! The hardanger piece is exquisite, all the charts are fabulous. You are a lucky lady!! :D

Jenna said...

Gosh! Lovely hardanger doily; Cathy does such beautiful work! I wish I had thought of that as a RAK. :) And very nice stash haul of charts from Chelle!

Combine those with the tulips from your loving DH and you have truly been spoiled. And you deserve it!

Myrna said...

How wonderful for you! And you deserve every bit! I love getting goodies in the mail...

We are getting the nasty weather too. At least it will be good for staying inside and stitching!


Maria S. said...

You will LOVE the Emie Bishop sampler in the DMC freebee leaflet. I've had it for years and have made it up for many friends. It's quick to stitch and so very sweet. Congratulations on your BIG DAY. Many more

BeckySC said...

Hey GF!!
Enjoy your gifties :) Aren't Cathy and Chelle just sweethearts???

BEAUTIFUL work, Cathy :) !!!

Shelleen said...

what a beautiful hardanger piece and love the colors.

My Life In Stitches said...

The floweres are beautiful! I love the finishes.
happy stitching,

Dawn said...

The hardanger is beautiful! The tin heart is so pretty.

Have a great weekend!

Lnanaa said...

That hardanger piece is beautiful! :)

AnneS said...

Sorry this comment is sooooo late, but I'm so far behind with blog reading, it's just not funny! Just wanted to say your latest stitching WIP's are wonderful, and I love your use of a coin to show the size of those small wee projects - it's such a great idea. Also have to say your hardanger gift from Cathy is just stunning - what an awesomely generous gift, and very deserving :)


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