Wednesday, May 24, 2006

thanx for asking ...

Yes, Nicholas has a job at retirement community. He is orientation this week & will have a real schedule after June 2nd. He works the dinner shift or lunch shift as a server/dishwasher & clean-up. There are some holiday benefits + college scholarships with tenure. Between Tori at Subway & Nick at Orientation, I'm 'on the road' too much. I'm not fond of driving. (sigh)

Lee gets the golden needle award this a.m. for making me laugh : ) After the past few days of 'goings-on' I didn't think cracking a smile was possible.

So check out her post called: The Anatomy of a Stitching Slump

AND, after I finish these floors, I hope to get my final border going on the Sanctuary. Logic should tell me that the OUTER borders take longer to stitch! I'm itching to get it completed & pick out a frame .... patience is a virtue .... I have zero patience this week.


Barbara said...

I hope your driving duties won't wear you out too much!

My Life In Stitches said...

Congrats to both on their new jobs. Hope schedules work out so that your driving time is reduced some.


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