Friday, September 15, 2006

Christmas Tree

c.1998 Maureen Appleton of The Heart's Content, Inc. [pattern in Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine]. I'm using DMC floss -- on a lower count linen. I wanted this to be a tad bigger. The designer made this on a 35-count grey clay linen - w/stitching over one thread. I totally like the Christmas Tree & think it is classy as an ornament , stitched over 2 threads.

The boys have early dismissal today. We are running errands [dry cleaner, pet store, water store, post office, bank, public library] Boring, right? Nick has Marching Band tonight, football game. Plus, he will be participating in Band Day, held in West Lafayette IN, Purdue University -- tomorrow -- something about football & marching bands. I'm so not into sports.

I'm totally bummed about the spinach pkgs. Once I read about how good spinach was for our eyes, I've been eating it regularly. I know how important 'brain food' is ... but as a stitcher ... I want "eye" food. Guess I'll have to eat carrots or something. There is a farmer's market near our home & I just might stop in & see about some fresh spinach. The grocery shelves are EMPTY.

TGIF - enjoy the week-end


KarenV said...

Ooh, I dismissed this one but I think I might have to rethink now, having seen your lovely over-2 version!

Love the L*K ornament too and the pics of the cats are so cute :)

Cathy said...

I have never been a fan of stitching over one, but maybe I will try this one over two like you did!

Chelle said...

Wow, love the Christmas tree design. VERY nice! Sure is a bummer about the spinach, isn't it?

Von said...

Love your latest ornament!

I feel so badly for the people affected by the e coli. A family from our church struggled with it a couple of years ago; they discovered it came from some raw almonds. They were sick for the longest time.


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