Friday, September 22, 2006

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If you are interested in more information, check out K's Creations for the lap stand I am using. IMO, it is a good product. Magnifier(s) at Daylight. Light from Ott

If I had more space, I'd probably be looking at the needlework floor stands & their accessories. [ie. Lowery, EZ stitchers, Grip-it, Artisan Des, & K's]

I found web sites (loaded with info & photos):
Artisan Design
EZ stitch

I noticed many on-line shops have photos & prices [with shipping, etc]

My dream [maybe a nightmare with the pets] would be to have a craft room -- or stitching area all to myself!!

TGIF. Everyone enjoy the week-end


Lili said...

Well, my craftroom could be my bedroom, if only there were no TV in there... The kids keep squatting my bed!!!
Thank you so much for all your comments, and explanations about silks. I have done a project with Vikky Clayton solk one on one, but the thread tangled a lot, whereas the needlepoint doesn't. And I also appreciate stitching with only one thread. I will soon receive a skein of waterlilies that I can't wait to try (cardinal red sounds great for Xmas project?).
Enjoy your week end!

Kitty said...

Thank you so much Lelia!! These information are exactly what I'm looking for!! Will check it out from these sites!!

I searched on ebay and found EZ stitchers'lap frame, it looked very useful but a bit too expensive for me!! Also shipment takes long long time (28-42 days!!)

I guess every stitcher has the same dream like you!! Good Luck to have it come true!!


Von said...

Lots of great info the last few days, Lelia, for new stitcher and experienced! Thea, of Victoria Sampler, has a similar stand to yours and works at a table. It looks so efficient! One day I'll splurge on one for my "studio" area of the family room. :D

Cathy said...

I just spent a good bit of time in your photo albums. I should spend some time getting mine organized like yours!

Concetta said...

I have a Lowery and I absolutely adore it! It takes up VERY little room too.

K in Kentucky said...

I have a scroll frame-lap stand from K's Creations as well and I *love* it. Best money I ever spent on a stitching-related thing!


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