Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stitching by my Mom

Please click to enlarge & read the cute signs my Mom added. My favorite is the cat! But, it is totally clever & creative.

This is my Mom's Round Robin / Friendship Sampler. The stitchers are members of Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana.

This week-end is The Threads That Bind needlwork exhibit held in Munster, Indiana [details on the web site, link above]. Saturday & Sunday 10am - 4pm. It is my understanding there will be 240+ projects on display stitched by the EGA chapter members. Along with the exhibit will be a boutique - stitchie goodies for sale.

I am dropping off my Mother's exhibit pieces on Friday late afternoon. Lucky me, she is picking up everything on Sunday afternoon.

I took pictures of her entries and will load all the images into a photo album later this morning.

Wanted to share this:

My Aunt passed away a couple years ago. Her scissors were given to my Mother. My Mother used Forget Me Not freebie from the Drawn Thread web page to create a fob & scissors sheath for my Aunt's scissors. What a special keepsake!


Isabelle said...

That RR fabric is so funny! And the fob and keeper are beautiful. What a special way to remember your aunt.

Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, the fob and scissor pocket for your aunt's scissors is so heart-touching! What a wonderful tribute.

Your mom's RR has me cracking up - my mom is a realtor and I have to point this out to her!

Sue said...

Your Mom's RR piece is great and the scissor fob is quite nice also.

Cindy said...

What a wonderful tribute to your aunt! And, the RR is awesome as well!

AnneS said...

What a great RR - your Mum sure has a great sense of humour :) Love the fob too - a wonderful tribute to your Aunt :D

Vonna said...

Wish I was closer to Munster!

The birdies are so cute! The saying make the whole piece come're mother's Drawn Thread "forget me not" was a perfect tribute to your Aunt.

Barb said...

The fob is great. I also liked your mom's RR piece.

Cathy said...

I think its really neat that both you and your mom share a love of needlework! And what a special treasure that you have from your aunt!

Have a fun weekend!

Cathy said...

I want to add that the scissors is a special treasure - but your mom's fob and scissors sheath makes it even more special!

Anita said...

The RR piece is so cute. I love
the stitching and the choices on there. The forget me not fob
and scissor pocket is so special
as well, it is a great way of
remembering your aunt.

Susimac said...

Fob is gorgeous, a really lovely tribute.
Love your mums RR it really made me smile.

lena-lou said...

I love the fob and scissor sheath that your Mum has made for your Aunts scissors, very special!!

lena-lou said...

Sorry, forgot to say your Mums RR is cool, how nice she stitches as well. I love the fact my Mum and sister stitch :-))


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