Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanks a million ...

Thank you for such kind comments re. the project completed by Nicholas. Poor kid became ill yesterday w/stomach flu & headache. I'm tip toeing around the house this morning.

Aside from having Tori home from college and the Thanksgiving meal preparation, I've been busy going thru drawers, closets, cupboards, shelves, etc., cleaning pitching junk & rearranging. Sure was a wonderful feeling taking out extra bags of trash this a.m. I have a pile to donate, too.

I plan to go thru every box in this house before sitting down with a good book or a stitching project.

Will be back to blogging soon.

Meanwhile, I'm bossing around the dust bunnies and pitching 20 year old junk clutter. Sound like fun??? Send some spare energy in my direction. These old bones need it!


Jenna said...

I hope that Nicholas feels better soon. Has Tori gone back to school yet? When does her semester end?

I know what you mean about the feeling of taking out those extra bags of trash. We had two big ones go out to the curb last night and I'm very pleased. I'm finding that I actually somewhat enjoy throwing things away! I even worked on the basement the other day, though that will have to wait until next trash day to go out.

Good for you for doing such hard work! *hug* I would send you some energy, but I need all of my cleaning energy right now so that I can work on my own mess. ;)

Barbara said...

Oh, poor Nicholas! I hope he'll get over it quickly. We've also been hosting the flu at our house. :(

And good luck with your decluttering! I wish I could send you energy, but I don't even have enough for myself these days!!

Lana said...

Sorry to hear that nicholas is sick! You go girl! Boss those dust bunnies around, and right out the door! Hope you had a great holiday, what with Tori home and all.

Cindy said...

Nicholas should be very proud of his finish...it looks fabulous! Hope he's feeling better :)

We have been doing a lot of the cleaning and de-cluttering here too...a necessary evil...but it is such a weight lifted when it's done!

Cathy said...

I'm wondering if you would consider coming to my house to clear some clutter!

I know what you mean though - it does feel good when the job is finished!

Cindy said...

I hope that Nicholas gets better very soon. That stuff has been going around here as well.

I would send you some extra energy, but I dont have any either! ;)

Carol said...

Gosh, I hope Nicholas feels better soon! I can't wait to see his first WIP of his next project!

Would you mind emailing me your home address? ;-) Thanks!! carolsutcliffe at comcast dot net

Appreciate it!!

Vonna said...

Yikes...I hope the stomach flu passes quickly for poor Nicholas!
You give those dust bunnies heck!
LOL! When we moved this spring...I tossed *crap* that my MIL couldn't part with, but didn't want it cluttering her house so gave it to me to store for 10 years....my duty was up so to the Good Will it went! It's a good feeling starting semi fresh! :D

stitcherw said...

So sorry to hear Nicholas was not feeling well. I hope he is feeling better now.


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