Friday, July 13, 2007

La-D-Da & Fair notes

La-D-Da's Tiny Sampler
Stitched with DMC floss 3052; 356; 932; 930; 420; 433 on 18 count ivory Shaker Linen. stitch count 53w x 56h.
Special Thank You to Anita for her post re. this pattern!!! I did not have enough 433 & 420 for the lettering per pattern, so I randomly alternated the floss colors in the alphabet. I admire these designers having an 'eye for color' as it seems to be a challenge for me!

Porter County Fair July 19-28

--I am a volunteer for 'check-ins' on Sunday from 4-7. Hope to see some of my stitching friends & get a good look at all the Home Ec entries.

Lake County Fair August 3-12
After finishing the stitching of La-D-Da's Tiny Sampler, I decided to clear off my desk & pull out my fair entries ... seems, I still have three things to finish-finish:
I'd like to get my beaded button complete AND my peyote necklace completed [I have most in a box, not in the photo]. The stocking is a freebie from Caron's web site -- pattern link HERE. I stitched it a few years ago, decided to make a cord & attempt the lining next ...

--On Fri., 3 Aug at 3pm, NANI will be demonstrating needlework on the Heritage Stage. I'm looking forward to this! I plan to demonstrate cross stitch & possibly the Queen Stitch. Lucked out as the Hot Wheels races are that morning/afternoon. One of Alex's favorite events.

--I have a couple things at House of Stitches for frames. I hear The Gilded Cage is ready to be picked up. That is one of my fair entries : )


Barbara said...

Great entries, Lelia! That stocking came out beautifully!!

Cindy said...

Your sampler looks wonderful!

I'll have to check out to see if it's too late to enter the fairs in IN or not. It looks like the Lake County one overlaps with the Kendall County Fair in Illinois. I registered my entries this week. It is actually more convienient to enter the fair near work than at near home because of extended entry hours!!

Jennifer said...

Your fair sounds like fun!! I have never seen stitching at a fair, so I must just not be looking hard enough. I'll keep my eyes peeled this summer!

The sampler is great! I love the colors you picked out.

Michelle said...

Love your sampler! It's beautiful, and your entries are all great!

stitcherw said...

Tiny Sampler is lovely. I think how you alternated colors looks great.

Susimac said...

I love your sampler colour changes - its such a sweet design.

Crazee4books said...

It sounds exciting to have entries in the fair for judging. I'm sending you good luck vibes through this email Lelia.

I love fairs, especially the fall ones. There is just such a wonderful atmosphere at a fair. A celebration of the wonderful things that people can grow or make with their own hands.

The tiny sampler is lovely, and I think you've done a fine job of choosing the alternating colours for your alphabet there. But I know what you mean about designers mixing and matching colours. You really have to have an eye for it.

Again, good luck at the fair Lelia. Looking forward to seeing your newly framed pieces.


Sharon said...

Beautiful sampler!

Carla said...

lovely the stocking!!

Lauren said...

I love the sampler! I hope your entries do well!

Carol said...

Hi Lelia - what a sweet finish!!

Anita said...

The fair sounds so wonderful. Have a great time. I like the colors you picked for the La D Da freebie. You are very welcome.
Looking forward to hear about your fair. I love the stocking.


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