Friday, August 29, 2008

Hidden In Plain Sight

Not sure if any readers here get the New York Times on-line; however, they have been showing portions of (art objects) paintings each day & then reveal the entire painting, artist & location at the Met. (in the Arts Section -- or, Arts & Design Section)

Topics include animals -- and tabletops -- and patterns. There are also slide shows. What fun : )

Which got me to thinking ... maybe that is why needlework is so enjoyable. We get a close-up of each section of our projects & eventually our linen (or evenweave, or aida) reveals a masterpiece!

I think they are great fun -- and hope the NYTimes continues!


Kendra said...

I never really thought about it taht way, but it's true. I love working with a color at a time, in a small section at a time, working my way up to a full design.

Kathy A. said...

What a lovely and novel way to look at our stitching. But,I do agree we get more enjoyment as we watch a piece come together.


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