Friday, November 07, 2008

Bent Creek WIP & Alex's Crabbies

Managed a few stitches:
Autumn Row
c.2000 Bent Creek
- - - - - - - - - -
Our son, Alexander, has a few hermit crabs. He took these pictures.
Now that the season has changed, the humidity was becoming an issue for his pets. Even with a heater under the habitat, the humidity wasn't high enough. Alex tried to put rocks, sand, distilled water in the habitat. The problem was that all the sand was damp all the time. Spent some time re-thinking the habitat & changed from this:
To This:I found an old tray & put brand new, special sand inside. That way, the rocks and water stay clean -- the sand stays dry -- and the humidity so far is constant. Should be easier to clean, too. Just need to take out the sand tray, wash the gravel & put in fresh distilled water. I think there are five in the habitat -- at night, they like to go under the piece of wood (tunnel).


Ranae said...

I like the BC row. I love doing the Spooky Row, would like to do them all.
I remember when I had hermit crabs, lol they were so fun at first, then they were so boring, lol.
Their new little home looks great.

Ginnie said...

I love the Bent Creek Row, they are all lovely in this range!

karenv said...

Autumn Row is looking good!

Karol said...

Love the autumn row!

Karin said...

Great progress on your BC row! The new hermit crab habitat is fantastic too.

Vonna said...

I'm not showing my boys Alex's Crabs...that's one of the reasons we finally got Chatty...(besides Mommy wanted a cat) but I was tired of fighting the pet thing...especially when Mommy is the pet cleaner upper, feeder and genral zoo keeper!


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