Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Award ... 600+ Giveaways

Thx Karol for this award, I am supposed to list 5 addictions and 5 fabby friends.

As for FIVE addictions, off the top of my head they are:
1) Keeping my family happy
2) SoyJoy Bars
3) Texting / Blackberry
4) Reading
5) Textiles

I couldn't select just five -- Hello to all my Fabby Friends ... you all know who you are.

Have you been following the One World - One Heart Blog? There are 600+ bloggers (last time I checked) with giveaways on their blogs. I think bloggers can still join in on the giveaway fun! Have you ever seen such generous artists? While browsing the blogs, I've enjoyed etsy shops, been inspired to try new things, and met new bloggie pals. The giveaways end February 10th or 11th. Enter by commenting. Don't miss out : )

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