Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stash Sale Finds ...

Was great fun selling & chatting with
NANI GF's (w/o blogs) Beth, Mel, Sue D & Sue H ---
and to see Tina, Kay, Kathy (at HoS);
and thx to the House of Stitches staff ... Joy, Nancy, +Sharon
for swinging by & selecting some new stash!
(of course, met up with them later
at the shop to buy new stash***, too).
And a couple bloggers were there:
Linen Stitcher (who brought along her current project
Check out her blog!)
AND Pat, who has a post up w/her finds:
What A Saturday I've Had!

Not sure what the grand totals were for our booth --
I am thinking better than projected : )

Here's a photo of my haul from the LaPorte Fairgrounds (yesterday).
I am the proud owner of
Catherine Maudsley 1844, The Drawn Thread
'Tis the Gift, La D Da
Dragonfly, Elizabeth's Designs
Sunflower House,Loose Feathers #9, Blackbird Des

Plus, a bag of buttons (.50)
a wine bottle apron (maybe for a doll?)
pattern for making pins with buttons & lace

AND --- guess what?
I finally found a Vera Bradley bag to replace
my beat up one (Emily pattern -pictured below)!!!
I have been looking 2+ years
for a Vera Bradly in this style
and never found one
Even on e-Bay, I found
similar styles --
not this style

My old bag torn up in the corners
(and sewn back together)
oh, so faded ...

I might keep the old one anyhow
Never know when taking the beat-up bag
will be the better choice!!!

AND ... AND ... AND
I will answer my e-mails & questions
in the next few posts

I am really really behind in responding
sorry, just been crazy busy

AND ... AND ... AND
I have a few posts of
special things gifted
to me by special people!

stay tuned

***new stash in punchneedle post


grace said...

What a pretty bag! I love the colors! Yea, I always hesitate when replacing my old belongings, there's always a time and place for everything! ;)

Suzanne said...

Great charts you picked up and I love, love, love the bag. I agree with keeping the old one, you never quite know when it may come in handy!

Kim B said...

What fantastic stash!


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