Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday afternoon ...

Mr. Katt 
can you just see the
"Do Not Disturb" sign?

Not much to show from Saturday's

Tho, I did enjoy the buttonhole stitching +
was happy to learn how to make the openings.

Just need more spare time to work on the center.

The points will have different kinds of stitches.
Very kewl!

Did get to JoAnn Fabrics + bought more vinyl,
silk Gutermann thread spools (40% off thru 3/31).
It is awesome silk thread!

I joined a few groups on the
ioli board.   Actually, joined awhile back and forgot about it.
Maybe I'll have to check in more often.


Diane (di) said...

Lovely work Lelia.

(Mr. Katt is a cutie, too.) :)

milly said...


Mr Katt looks very relaxed there, he's a gorgeous looking cat.

Your needlelace project looks lovely.

Happy stitching.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Ne happy cat. The star is really interesting I will have to keep watching to see how it developes. CJ in OK ;-)

barbara said...

Wow, that cat knows how to live! Your star project is pretty intriguing. :)

berylthepearl said...

Love the cat!! Just curious -- what do you do with vinyl?


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