Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Friendship .... Toys .... Bags .... Stash

Oh what fun when friends lighten their stash and part with their 'toys' 
Thx GF....

A few GFs sporting brand new
I hope they like them
and use them.   I sure enjoyed making them!

New Stash from House of Stitches.  Shopping with GFs and spotted
this charming model on the wall.    c.Birds of a Feather.
Red Reindeer.

After reading Mark Twain's Diaries of Adam + Eve,
I've been thinking of a small Adam + Eve needlework piece --- and stitch the last line in the diaries:

(Much older) Now that she is gone, I know one thing; wheresoever 
she was, there was Eden". 


Visited Hacienda House for free
fish tacos.   And if you mention that you saw it on FB,
your meal is free, too!!!


cucki said...

Wow such sweet goodies..
Hugs x

Karol Johns said...

I sure love my bag! Looks like you had a great day. And yes I am back trying to blog again:)

House of Stitches said...

I love my bag, too! (And the treasures that were tucked inside!) You are so thoughtful! I can't wait to load it with a new tatting project.


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