Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gifts ....

Beautiful beaded necklace and earrings made by GF Candy S.   They are dazzling!   Too pretty for a box - have them hanging on the wall near my desk.  Thx Candy!  Check out her etsy, Beads + Crochet,  oodles of lovely patterns, kits + treasures to see!

Have you visited Marcia DeCoster's Blog?    The earring pattern can be found there -   Link HERE.   With a lot of help from Candy, I was able to get a pair of earrings started.   The beading is like puzzle building!

And, GF Debbie L enhanced my stitchy stash,  from The Sweetheart Tree:  Baby Bluebells Fob.   So pretty!   And, I do have unadorned scissors which could use an embellished fob!     This is wonderful to have with me in my bag.    Thx Deb ; )

A few more stitches added to Homespun Elegance pattern:  Pin Pokes I

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