Thursday, July 14, 2005

Porter County Fair Entries (revised)

I hope to get some pictures in a photo bucket account real soon. Ribbon Update

Category 1 Arts & Crafts .....

Special Occasion (any Holiday, Special Event)
(1st)101b. Tree Ornament: Mill Hill kit - mitten design
(4th)101c. Needleart: Reindeer Parade (JBW design). 34ct blue linen
(1st)101e. Wearable Art: Mill Hill kit - carrot cart (bunny rabbit)
(5th)101g. Other: Ruth Sparrow's Our Flag was Still There, bookmark. 34ct linen

Toys (0-no ribbon)
(0)105b.Other: Three Kittens

Wearable Art
(0)109c. Accessories: Amulet -- EGA group course.

Home Decorating Articles (not quilted)
(1st)110c.Pillows: Original Design "All we have is all we need" done in silk AVAS - w/blackwork motifs done in multiple colors. 25 ct tea dye linen
(3rd)110e.Other: Cross Stitch design on a huck towel. Strawberry Basket (Design Connection)

Miscellaneous Crafts
(0)113 Beaded Tassel Fob (Kit by Jupiter)

Category 5 - Needlecraft

Needlepoint & Quickpoing
(1st)505a Canvas: First Steps (Genny Morrow) in whitewash oak box lid
(1st)505b Plastic Canvas: box made w/verigated yarns - was a Camp Quality model last August for the kids stitching.

Counted Thread Work
(1st)506e. sampler: Dawn Lewis Acorn Sampler -- from a class she taught a few years back & I just got the glass on w/frame
(3rd)506f. Other (not suitable for framing) ex pillows, afghans: Dutch Treat Design - Acorn tabletopper
(1st)506h. other: Sheperd's Bush - folk heart needle roll (28 ct lav mist linen)

Miscellaneous Needlecraft
(2nd)507a. combination of techniques: Victoria Sampler heart kit (has asissi work & other nice stitches)
(2nd)507b.other: Eliza's Pyn Pillow (Ellen Chester freebie pattern) sandstone linen 32 ct? or 34ct? (look for the pattern & picture on Thread Gatherer's web page)

Sixteen Entries -- 13 ribbons. Lake County Fair starts 8/4 -- more news then


Danielle said...

Please do post photos of all your entries!! I have thought of entering something in the Fair but I never seem to get things done in time. Good luck!!

Lelia said...

Yes, I have a digital camera (now) and have a photobucket account (now). When the entries are back, I'll get some shots and figure out how to post them. If the opportunity is there to exhibit, go for it. Several of my stitching friends (Thread Heads) enter stuff for fun. Not only are the ribbons pretty -- the cash premiums are great. Never mind figuring out why the judges pick the stuff they award ribbons for. That is a hoot.


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