Tuesday, May 29, 2012


After a few starts - and snags - and sighs,
I managed a few RPL cords, that actually look like RPL cords.
The creme color are made with crochet cotton #3
using an unknown size crochet hook.
The pink ones are made with crochet cotton #10
size 5 crochet hook.

The pattern in Needle Arts Magazine calls for
Cebelia #20, using crochet hook size 12 or 13.
It is a beautiful heart pattern.   I know if I keep at it, 
I'll figure it out + get a cord long enough
(without too many errors).

Here we go .... again, with another ferel cat.
This one has blue eyes, brown paws, tail, face,
creme color body.   Himalayan mix.
With this awful heat, it is a wonder this kitty is 
out and about.   I'm looking forward to the cooler
temperatures tomorrow.   And, if any of my GFs
are looking for a new kitty, let me know.   

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Stitcher's Celebration

Sun Region, EGA, hosted A Stitcher's Celebration last week-end.    The event was a celebration of their hosting the 2011 Seminar in Naples, FL     Also, an event for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida, participation thru opportunity drawings, silent auction, chapter fundraising, and generous donations.   Oh my, the Committee Members put on quite a party!   Job Well Done!   Thank you for your attention to detail and planning this fabulous gathering.

I brought ~Mini Flower Basket Sampler~ (A Reproduction from the Collection of The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.   Accession #00012.  

I pulled a 28-ct linen from the closet with silk fibers in my stash.   I had a few colors that were suggested on the pattern.   Most were substitutes; however, the effect should be similar.

I had previously stitched individual motifs for our local EGA Chapter, NANI.   They were used for Common Threads card line, Hospice Card Artisans.

I thought it was about time I created the reproduction of the whole sampler.   The center basket are queen stitches.   Will be colorful when completed.  

I enjoyed attending my first EGA Region event.   It was held at Marriott's Bohemian Hotel in Celebration, Florida.   Imagine 48 round-the-clock hours of stitching!   Well, something like that.   The ballroom was open for stitching from Friday noon - Sunday noon.   Plenty of time for stitching, strolling the charming town, resting, chatting with friends, and being gobsmacked by all the TALENT in the room!  wonderful to stroll around the tables and see what needleworkers were creating.   And, sometimes, seeing the actual completed project of patterns I have ... in the ... closet.   As I recall, there were nearly 80 participants.   I met delightful and charming stitchers including our current EGA President, Lorie Welker.      

This lovely tote was given to each participant.  Inside were beautiful fibers, a hand stitched logo of the event inserted into a luggage tag, and a kit to create your own scissors fob AND the scissors.

The 3-petal cloth, drawstring bag was a door prize from Sunday morning.  

During the day, there were informal gatherings around one of the tables.   Participants were able to sign up and take the class.

The classes were:  loop braiding, making your own twisted cord, making a beautiful edging (left), and learning the RPL cord - and creating RPL bracelets (right) with pony beads.

I took the RPL cord class.   Was looking forward to learning this technique; never mind I needed to learn basic crochet first.   The instructor was awesome.   And, the nice stitcher sitting next to me at the table helped with the crochet basics.   After a while, my brain began to work + I think I've got it.   There are endless possibilities with the RPL cord, many beautiful lace patterns.   For those in EGA who receive the Needle Arts  Magazine, there had been patterns in previous issues.  

Heather has a nice post on her blog, Its Geek to Me, with many beautiful photographs of the area, views from the hotel window.   Don't miss it!  

I had taken some stitched accessories with me.   I have since found the pattern.   When asked, I had remembered it was an Ewe + Eye -- couldn't recall the name:
Tiny Teacup Scissor Companion (kit)
c. Ewe + Eye + Friends
Kam Slagel Barbara Stark 2000

Anchor floss on 35ct Italian Linen
from L C Kramer Co.

If / when you have the opportunity, attend an event.   It is fun, you meet lovely people, and might even put in a few stitches into your project!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inspired Needle ...

If you are in the neighborhood ...

on Friday and Saturday

details HERE

Inspired needle, Ltd
315 East Illinois Street
Lemont, IL 60439

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Plain & Fancy Collection
"Stitching Pocket-Plus"
c. 2011 Sandra Sullivan
Homespun Elegance, Ltd.

Finished the stitching - scissors
fob for this lovely set.
This is stitched over one thread.

Did you read today's post
from CathyB?
No?  Head right over!!!
Cathy shares her C Street Samplerworks projects.

from Winter 2010 SAN-Q Magazine
Article and charted by
Ruth Ann Russell

And, the next C Street Samplerworks on my list is:
Need Has Nothing to do With It

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Inquiring Minds ...

Plain & Fancy Collection
"Stitching Pocket-Plus"
c. 2011 Sandra Sullivan
Homespun Elegance, Ltd.

So far, have the two pre-made pieces stitched.  The Kelmscott Designs, Storklettes scissors, are perfect size. Started the scissors fob last night (over one) - I guess it could be a pincushion or fob.   I wanted to tat a little something, too.

Visited House of Stitches this afternoon.   They are having the Stash Exchange / Sale again - the date chosen is August 18th.   Again, booth rental going to Riley Children's Hospital Foundation.   Stay tuned for the official announcement.   Wonderful to talk with Ruth Ann Russell (C Street Samplerworks), such a joy to cross paths + catch up on the news.    Enjoyed looking at all the new charts!   I purchased the little scissors charm needed for the HE Stitcher's Necessaire.   That is next on my 'to do' list.   

Will be great to have these projects DONE.    My sons were thoughtful to pick up over dye fibers + linen  for Mary Hannah Gipson -- then, with their GC, I picked out the HE pieces (photos above).   Feeling irritated with myself for misplacing the bag, I tore the place apart until I unearthed these projects.   So, they are priority stitching and maybe I can have something in the NANI 2013 exhibit!!!   I'm such a stitching snail.     

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Above is photo from the pattern.
it is c.2011 Homespun Elegance Ltd.

The pieces are premade by Adam Original -
I'm just stitching the charming motifs.
(well, the rectangular pin cushion will be linen scrap, perhaps some tatting added).

The cloth has lovely mix of dk red, blue, green, brown-beige.
The CC Used Brick and GA Cidermill Brown are terrific.

Then, when I looked at the dark red fabric, there was a hint
of blue - a pretty blue, I'm using Needle Necessities 1342,
and the green - GA Dried Thyme.

This is what I have so far:

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

when the power goes out ...

The battery Ott Light is ON!!!

This needlework is

which I started awhile back.
I'm using more overdye colors than
Plus, changed the alphabet.
(well, we all knew that would happen).

I'm using the alphabet in

I enjoy having a lot of alphabet charts 
and thought these letters so beautiful.

The pre-made pieces are lovely.   I enjoy a little
more color when I'm stitching.   So, in addition to the brown and red, suggested --
I have a green overdye and blue overdye from my stash
for some of the motifs.

Should be pretty when finished.

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