Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Buttons!!! Giveaways!!!

Many thx to Marjorie for selecting my name for her Button Giveaway. I love buttons. I just do.
In addition to the bag of buttons - which are just too numerous to describe, and for most - too boring to read about, she sent an angel pattern. Not just any angel, an angel with buttons sewn on to the wings. Just too cute.
The pattern is called Stitcher's Angel by Pamela D. Pabst. c 1992 Pamela D. Pabst
Don't miss out on the One World - One Heart blog! The number of participants is nearing 700 bloggers with giveaways on each blog! I have a giveaway on my Stitches of Life II blog. If I can finish a little 'something' -- I might have a giveaway here on this blog by the weekend.
I was asked about some of the embellishing on my Inner Child Doll, and tried to take close-up photos (as always, click to enlarge):
I added the charms after the doll was stuffed & closed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Award ... 600+ Giveaways

Thx Karol for this award, I am supposed to list 5 addictions and 5 fabby friends.

As for FIVE addictions, off the top of my head they are:
1) Keeping my family happy
2) SoyJoy Bars
3) Texting / Blackberry
4) Reading
5) Textiles

I couldn't select just five -- Hello to all my Fabby Friends ... you all know who you are.

Have you been following the One World - One Heart Blog? There are 600+ bloggers (last time I checked) with giveaways on their blogs. I think bloggers can still join in on the giveaway fun! Have you ever seen such generous artists? While browsing the blogs, I've enjoyed etsy shops, been inspired to try new things, and met new bloggie pals. The giveaways end February 10th or 11th. Enter by commenting. Don't miss out : )

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Misc ...

I finished my Inner Child Doll, and have plans to make more -- now that I know the basics!
I pulled out my knitting spools & used up some crewl yarn left overs. More on spools HERE
Before I'm asked, no, I don't knit with real needles - or crochet. My Mother-in-Law gave me a container of crochet hooks & I use them once in awhile for needlework
- - - - - - -
This Crib Quilt was made by our friend Juanita H.
My Mom bought it from her & gave it to DH & I for Christmas
I told my Mom that I would save it in the cedar chest until one of our children marries & starts a family of their own.
It looks like a stamped design - Juanita did the cross stitch & then quilted the border. She added binding and a beautiful cotton back. Juanita is probably my Mom's age (in her 80's) and our families spent a lot of time together while I lived at home.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It is a Dog's World

Having Andrew Wyeth's dog prints on my mind, I checked out an audiobook about a young teen & his dogs:I had heard many things about the novel & took it with me on my Thursday Road Trip to Lexington, KY (and back). I am nearing the end of the book now. I am still recovering from all the driving I managed in one day.
- - - - - - - - -
This is probably my second favourite -- Andrew Wyeth (IMO) had painted some beautiful nature & dog pictures.
We bought this book. DH always thought Helga looked like my sister! I have enjoyed reading thru it & viewing all the pictures. This was another painting DH liked (it is in the book):
The Ides of March, 1974

Thanks for sending e-mails & sharing your thoughts on this great artist. It must have been great to see an exhibition of the real paintings & drawings.
Master Bedroom
This is our print. When you walk into the bedroom, it is on the opposite wall. It is under glass, double mat.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Live with a song ...

... in your heart. I think I have embellished enough. What do you think?
Next, I'll roll the edges, stitch -- add the lavender & close. Last -- There is a flower & leaf to add near the top -- and, hands & feet to add ...
We were happy that GF, Mel, visited the bead shop (during the doll class) over her lunch hour. So, Melody, what do you think? Improved since the last time you saw it? Did you see Karol's doll? She finished over the week-end.
Thx in advance to GF, Debbie L, who phoned. She was organizing her stash and came accross a couple doll & toy making books. Wanted to know if I could use them. Who me? Of course!!! I appreciate you thinking of me!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inner Child Doll Class

Here is the progress on my doll from yesterday's class. (Details about the class in yesterday's blog post ).
Alert -- this may be the longest post I've ever made on this blog!
I was really at ease during this class. I enjoyed being with the group and didn't feel any pressure to rush. Our instructor was friendly, didn't hover, gave us clear step-by-step directions. She gave us loads of time & brought excellent examples to inspire us to create our own dolls.
Such a treat to have in-hand dolls, pins, and Pat's beautiful book -- stunning textile projects and loaded with embellishments
When Karol & I sat down at the table, we had a tray -- bag w/class supplies -- and a gift!
When we opened our kits & gift, we found cheerful & colorful doll supplies AND candy to celebrate our "play time". Pat selected top notch supplies & got us started on the faces. They were ironed on -- and then encircled with beads. We cut out the words & ironed them on, too. I embellished with metallic fiber lazy daisy stitches & beads.
This doll will be stuffed with lavender buds. Pat demonstrated clipping the fabric, rolling it, and securing with a buttonhole stitch edge. We used perle cotton for that -- and I did ok ... for a first attempt. (first photo in this post)
This is my corner desk at home. I was tempted to clear it off (again) and give me more room for the doll body embellishing - I think I just might set up the ironing board next to my corner & shift stuff around. With this kind of doll, I think the more stuff at your fingertips, the better!
I took my buttonhole edge out this a.m. and plan to embellish the doll body some more with charms, beads, etc. Then, will roll & stitch it closed with the buttonhole edge -- maybe smaller and tighter! I forgot we were supposed to make a few stitches & pull them tight every 3 or 4 ...
I am going to move the heart charm, too. It needs to be on the other side of the doll
This is a close-up photo showing some of the supplies
Everything out & ready to sew on.
This is a photo of an Inner Child Doll. It came w/kit - and was our needle holder.
I felt so special because of all the small details. Pat has a gift for 'presentation' & with all the embellishments at hand -- they are screaming to be added to the doll. Not put back into a plastic ziplock & stored in a cupboard
Did I mention the class was held at a beading store? What a special woman to have us in as guests. She had two tables set up for us & bottled water available. Even offered discount for beads in the store that day. In addition, Myra - owner of LaBeadaLoca gave each student a pkg w/beautiful ribbon. She had a bowl of misc beads on the table & encouraged us to use anything. I pulled out smoky color beads - a tad larger than the seed beads I brought from home. Myra called the bowl "class supplies". I liked them so much Myra said I could have the rest of the container for a $1.00 Is that kewl or what?
There are photographs on Pat's blog of the entire class in progress. Dolls created by the other students.
I'm looking forward to finishing this doll & figuring how to make my own face & lettering transfers. The possibilities are endless!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Give aways ...

This print hangs on the wall above our bed:
Andrew Wyeth
Master Bedroom, 1965
Andrew Wyeth's obituary was in the newspaper today. DH & I have enjoyed his paintings. Slide Show here with some of his work.

This afternoon, Karol and I will be taking a class taught by Pat Winter. It is an Inner Child Doll class at LaBeada Loca in Valparaiso, IN. The temperature has risen above zero & the wind picked up, too. Mother Nature needs to just cool it for the afternoon : )

Visiting Pat's blog, I noticed she has a giveaway posted ... as does Marjorie. Marjorie had mentioned she is sorting thru her stash & finding new homes for 'goodies'. Looks like Karol is also giving away gifts (or maybe it is a PIF). Generous bloggers bringing some delight into our Winter blahs ...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love it : )

I found this picture 0n-line:
This Is the Way I Pass My Time
by Ellen J. Gehret
A Book About Pennsylvania German Decorated Hand Towels
c.1985 The Pennsylvania German Society

My copy doesn't have the year & volume written on the dust jacket. I'm thrilled to own it & enjoy browsing cover-to-cover! My friend Marjorie gave me a show towel kit. You can see a picture HERE. I found out about this book from reading a post on GiGi's blog. Gigi gave the book a great review. Link to her post HERE, & I was able to find it on There are pictures, patterns, information, and pictures - and pictures -- it is a great book IMO.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I've been asked ...

My response ... I only received ONE book over the holiday season:It was from my Mother-in-Law for Christmas. I didn't know much about this book, but it is lovely, so far. Web Link Here

My book lists can be found HERE.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New sampler pattern, Measuring Notions & BD flowers

JAL 1834 Reproduction Sampler
The Sampler House
GF CiCi won this pattern available thru designer Eileen Bennett (when we attended a workshop in October.) On Friday, I got a call from Sharon at House of Stitches that the pattern is in stock & ready for purchase! And thx to my Mom for the HOS Gift Certificate -- I will use it on the sampler pattern & supplies.

A couple weeks ago, SueD, LindaH, DebL & I visited House of Stitches in LaPorte, Indiana.
After our purchases were rung up, each of us received a customer appreciation bag with a magnetic ruler & measureing tape!! So much fun.

My birthday flowers from DH & kidz
The flowers still look great -- They brighten up the whole room!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sorry to take so long ...

In December, I posted a Christmas Ornament Meme. I received an e-mail asking to identify the "red, green & gold" ornament -- I should have gotten back to you sooner ... Now, I'm guessing you meant this one made by my NANI friend, Chris R:
Feather Tree
The Ornament Collection c.1991
Designed by Judy Whitman, JBW Designs
I liked this ornament (made by Chris) so much that I borrowed the pattern from her & stitched a couple of the ornaments (gave them away as gifts). I don't know if this pattern is still available for purchase.

Or, you might have meant:
Holiday Charm II
c.1999 Genny Morrow Designs
This is one of two Genny Morrow canvas projects I've completed. The fibers are Felicity's Garden, Splendor, and Kreinik Braid. The other canvas project I've done, by Genny Morrow, First Steps, is pictured on a previous blog post.

Another red, yellow, green ornament in that post is:
Reindeer Garden
Threads Thru Time
Nancy Surgeon
It is from the Christmas Ornaments 2000 Magazine. I used DMC 435 gold -- otherwise, the suggested DMC floss for red & green.

As for the tree from the nursery, DH & DS planted it on the hill. (picture taken right after it was planted -- before all the snow arrived) It looks very small next to the other pine trees. Most of our trees do survive the winter. I can only tell you how we do it -- the nursery owners are more knowledgeable. We bring the tree home & store it in the garage a couple days. Bring it up to decorate with lights and light-weight ornaments. We have it away from heating vents & keep it in the house a couple days. Then, back into the garage a couple days -- and outside for planting when there is a break in the weather. The hill behind our home has filled in with many Christmas trees of past years.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Gift -- Kit & Beaded Laying Tool

A wonderful package arrived from Marjorie.
She made a beautiful beaded laying tool (which got cut off in the picture) with a collar stay, beads, and ended with a cute charm
In addition to the laying tool, she was gong thru her stash, found this kit & thought I might like it -- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I luv it!

#801 19th c. Miniature Show Towel
12" x 26" on 28 ct bleached linen
c.1993 Alyce Schroth
Direct Link to pattern

Close-up of the silks & laying tool beads

Have you visited GiGi's Blog? Aside from this being a fantastic blog with freebies, pictures, etc.; GiGi has posts about Pennsylvania German Show Towels.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Silkie & Ribbons!!!

Pat sent me beautiful ribbons and a holiday Silkie!
She is so innovative and creative. She sells some of her projects on her Etsy Shop and her Zazzle Site
I bought this from her etsy shop for a gift exchange -- and just couldn't part wit it!!! I'm happy that I kept it. Isn't is kewl?
Karol and I are looking forward to lessons from Pat. We are interested in learning more about using silkies, ribbons, and creating interesting textile arts.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gifts from the Haberdashery

Thx to Vonna for the new stitching notions! She must have read my post about needing new needles!
Two must-haves for any stitcher!
Looking forward to some free time this week for stitching
I'm working on the pilot stitching of 2009 State Day projects -- and after those two are stitched, will select an older WIP to enjoy

We had snow yesterday & last night. Maybe more snow flurries today. The snow falling on my simple blog isn't from Mother Nature, it is from a widget offered on Lauren's Blog. Very Cool. Thx Lauren!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cat Scissors & beaded Fob

These are from GF SueD (w/o blog). The scissors are in the shape of a cat. (Uncommon Scissors Web Site has better image). Sue made a fabulous fob with a cat charm on the end. The beads are yellow crystals and the black beads are awesome (not sure what kind they are).
This is the front of her card to me -- and frankly, the image captures me well!! I so look like this, LOL

- - - - - - - -

I was surfing blogs & came accross a giveaway for a unique ceramic tatting shuttle. Link Here. The ones she has on her site are awesome! Giveaway on January 15, 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009


oooooh ... a neat fiber to try! Thx to Anna for creating this beautiful card & tucking in a very interesting fiber!
I'm thinking that this is used as is (one strand) ... I have a couple motifs in mind!!!

Gift: My 1st Pinkeep : )

Look what came in the mail, maybe getting older & having a birthday isn't so bad after all:
Christmas Heart Pin Cushion
Mary Garry
c.2000 Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
From the 2000 Christmas Ornaments Magazine

I luv it! Thx Cathy B. Imagine my surprise when this arrived at the post office? I enjoy Mary Garry designs so much & have never gotten around to making a pinkeep. This one is fabulous, the stitching and finishing are perfect : )

Sunday, January 04, 2009

long time no post ...

Sorry. I hope to get some posts up this week & visit your blogs soon!!

I have received some beautiful gifts & would like to share pictures over the next few days.
This beautiful tatted ornament was made by Cathy B's Mom. It is delicate and detailed and beautiful -- too awesome to pack with the rest of the holiday decorations. Besides, with Valentine's Day around the corner, I have my first 'heart' theme dec out!


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