Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crafty Meme

Stitch Bitch had a Crafty Meme posted on her blog. Thought I'd participate & share a little about me:

Q. What are your hobbies?
A. Reading, Textile Crafts, Visiting art exhibits/museums

Q. What crafts do you do?
A. Needlework, Tatting, Punchneedle, Some CQ, beading & sewing

Q. What sounds do you craft along to?
A. It depends. I-pod music playlist or audiobook (headphones if household is sleeping)-- or -- tv when boyz & DH around

Q. First Project You Ever Made:
A. I remember being in Junior High creating an original macrame sampler in Art Class. Around the same time, made beaded chokers(fashion trend!) seed beads on elastic thread + I had a bead loom for beaded chokers. Also remember stamped quilt blocks from the dime store - surface embroidery (in a metal hoop!)

Q. Favorite Project:
A. Usually whatever I'm doing. Once I'm 'finished', my favourite F word, I move on to the next favourite thing.

Q. Favorite Items to Make:
A. Small things. ie sewing accessories (needlebook, pincushion, fob). Tho with needlework, I love stitching alphabets --- yeah, I know ... I know ...

What's your favorite:

Q. Color: I used to favor yellows & khaki greens, but recently liking blue

Q. Movie: Diva (foreign film) or Dr. Zhivago

Q. TV Show: Perry Mason

Q. Band: Just depends on what I'm doing ... I like alternative rock & current songs/music, classical, femal vocalists like Shakira, Pink, Madonna

Q. Book: too hard to choose

Q. Food: Fresh Fruit (in general)

Q. Favorite Craft: whatever I'm in the mood to do

And you?
What are your favorites?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Quilt Show this week-end

Anybody going?

Saturday, my Mom is going to meet me there ---
I'm looking forward to it!

Maybe I'll swing by Sunday afternoon, too.

In the past, has been a big show & fun to browse the quilts & vendors.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bristol Tabletopper

Bristol Tabletopper
c. 2007 Dutch Treat Designs

On Sunday, met up with stitching friends Karol, Tina, and Sue (w/o blog) at Beth's (w/o blog) home. What a delightful afternoon.

Karol is making wonderful progress on her baby sampler -- she stitches so FAST!!! Her needlework is even & perfect! Tina brought show-n-tell ... two completed canvas projects, one in jewel tones & one in pinks. Stunning!!! Sue continues to stitch her ANG name badge. Beth started out on her frame weight (canvas) and quickly switched to punchneedle ... which is progressing nicely.

I managed to finish another square on the tabletopper. It is quite interesting to stitch the motifs with Cinnabar Watercolour fibers. There is also a pattern for bookmarks with Bristol motifs if tabletoppers aren't your thing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brightened up my day

Flowers from DH!
He's a keeper : )

And, he pointed out an
article in 3/1 Time Magazine:
La Vie en Rose,
on Renoir.


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