Friday, August 24, 2007

brutal storms passed thru ...

Thank you to everybody for all your kind remarks & e-mails re. my fair entries. And, I wish you could have seel all the marvelous projects on display. Mine are ok, but many were exceptional needlework efforts. I have not spent much time on-line b/c of the storm activity we are having.
Yesterday afternoon, I was out running errand -- on my way home ... at the horizon, I noticed some cruel, charcoal greyish clouds. As I continued to make my way home, they continued to rise in the sky -- like a shelf of green-grey clouds.Yes, I made it home without incident. Was grateful to be indoors. The two cats were curled up. It is hard to be anxious while watching those peaceful pets nap : ) Alex was told to leave his job & go home. (He finished whatever he was doing before classes today) we didn't have the next batch of storms until after dinner -- and lots of thunderstorm activity during the night thru dawn. We are doing ok. We have power. There are many without. I hear the rain should continue off/on most of the day & the week-end will be clear of activity.
Since the boys have been back in high school, I've been tearing into housework & all that fun stuff. It is easier to accomplish with nobody around. The three curious kitties are always in the way while I unearth the clutter in Alexander's bedroom. Esp. Mrs. Mom Cat b/c I have found several of her kittie toys around the room!!! I made a lot of progress yesterday & hope to finish organizing his "stuff" today. Saturday, Alex & I will move the furniture around & get his carpet in shape. Once I get things back in order, I'll try to get some stitching accomplished.

Enjoy the day : )

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Lake Co Fair Results, Part Three

Ok, since I've been asked ... yes, the fairs can be a fun thing to participate in. Each fair does things a bit differently. I am not sure how to locate the fairs in different geographical areas. I am certain some fairs have limitations, like "have to be a resident of the county", "have to be 18 or older", etc. Those guidelines are clearly stated in the premium booklets. I enjoy putting entries into the variety of categories. I do this for fun, to meet new stitchers, chat with stitching buddies, and try to inspire others to pick up their needles & fibers. By my nature, I'm not a competitive person. It doesn't matter about who wins what, what the judge does (or does not do!), crabbing about the judging is all part of the fair experience. My goal is to get some extra $$ to cover my annual EGA national, regional & chapter dues -- and, SAN-Q magazine subscription. Each ribbon has cash awards: $5.00 for 1st, $4.00 for 2nd, $3.00 for 3rd. If I ever am awarded a sweepstakes rosette or grand champion ribbon for my stitching, I'd probably faint! My stitching projects are usually items I enjoy doing and there are tons more stitchers out there creating more challenging projects than mine.

Buzz My Grapes Tabletopper and Bellpull
Designed by Claudia Dutcher, Dutch Treat Designs, c.2000

I used DMC perle Coton #5 553, 327, 840 (2 skeins), 801, 729, 2052 (4 skeins); DMC perle Coton #12 3042 nun edge. I added bee buttons ... which is not recommended by C.Dutcher b/c they may get in the way of whatever you are placing on top of the tabletopper. I added them anyhow b/c I don't usually place items where I sewed on the buttons. Now, does that make sense? The buttons are Item #JAB-1101W from Just Another Button Company, Distributed by Norden Crafts, Ltd.

The Sanctuary
c.C.A. Zittel, The Drawn Thread, 2001

I joined a Stitch-Along Group for this project, sponsored by House of Stitches. We were taught the variety of stitches (I think 26-27 stitches) by Sharon Henderson. The group met monthly from 2004/Nov thru 2005/August. Between you & me, I would not have been able to do this without Sharon's assistance. She was able to show us the stitches, provide tips, and continue to encourage us along the way!
Design 170 W x 222 L. I used Weeks Dye Works Bordeaux, Cadet & Thyme. 21 colors of Anchor Floss [which I won't list here!]. I stitched this on 32-count lambswool linen. The photo angle is odd b/c of the glass.

Tiny Stuff: Flying Hare Pin/Ornament
c.1997 Sandra Sullivan of Homespun Elegance Ltd.

This pin is stitched with Anchor Floss #374, 1001, 359, 905, 862, 852 - on Zweigart 28-coung Cashel Raw Linen. The three small charms are available from Homespun Elegance. I confess to be a Homespun Elegance junkie. And it all started with the Tiny Stuff patterns. I probably own them all -- the small cards, Tiny Stuff I-II-III. I tend to stitch the Tiny Stuff ones [no telling why] more than the larger Homespun Elegance pattern leaflets. I keep all the small cards together in a cosmetic case, with linen, floss, charms ... in my car!! [sigh] nuf said.

Bargello Candles Stocking
A design by Lois Caron published in McCalls Needlework December 1977
Freebie on the Caron Web Site

I used Watercolour Far Horizons + Rose Quartz, Caron Snow, gold Kreinik metallic & DMC #5 Perle Cottons (bright pink & white) on 25-count white Lugana.

Congrats to Deb L for the Best-of-Show rosette on her L&L Angel. I saw the pattern she is using for next Summer -- another gorgeous design : ) In addition to Deb, congrats to the other NANI ladies who entered in Lake & Porter Co Fairs -- Carol C, Mary C, Sue D, & Elaine H. Looking forward to having Melody M add some entries next year.

The Stitcher's Garage Sale, held on Saturday, was wonderful. I'm not sure how much money was raised for the American Heart Association. Wish more people would have stopped by. More on that in another post.

Thx for all the kind words re. our power issue & the storms, etc. We had more storms last night & still have our power on. We are fortunate as others are without power again ... or without power still. I heard 3200 without power in Lake Co & 500 without power in Porter Co.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Lake Co Fair Results, Part 2

Stay tuned ... more tomorrow
The Black Cat
Designed by Marsha Worley & Elizabeth Newlin
The Bent Creek c. 1999

Design Size: 41x57. Stitched with DMC cotton floss #3853/3854; 3726; 310/3371; 926; 839; 3790 on 32-ct Twilight Blue Linen. Finished with SJdesigns - #1802 size 14 beads.

Scissor Fob - stitched on both sides:
Little Tree
La-D-Da freebie

Design Size: 31H x 35W. Stitched with Week's Dye Works Pecan & Pea Coat on 40-ct linen. Stitched over one thread. Dovo Scissors .

Bunny Scissor Weight
c.2001 Twisted Threads & Ruth A. Sparrow

Design size: 58W x 50H. Stitched with Week's Dye Works Onyx & Pecan on 40-count linen. Cord made with Pea Coat & Onyx.

Beaded Button
by Judy Hendrix c.2001

I participated in a workshop, sponsored by NANI, and have been creating these charming button pins for a couple years. I used mill hill beads to embellish this plastic button. btw-Judy Hendrix is an excellent teacher!! There are on-line instructions for beaded buttonsHERE on the Do it Yourself web site.

If you are interested in Beading, you may enjoy checking out Beading Daily a wonderful on-line magazine. Topics, patterns, tips, etc.

Tea Cup Pulled Thread Sampler
Designed by Michelle Perry & Mylinda Cane
for the Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana State Day 1998

This was my first State Day & first Pulled Thread project. I used #10 DMC Cebelia -white & Trebizond Silk -Rose pink, on 19-count white cork linen. I was sorting thru my stash & unearthed the sampler -- decided to fix the teacup outline [top of sampler] and take it in for a frame.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Lake Co Fair Results, Part One

Stay Tuned ... more tomorrow:

Red Desert Scissor Pocket
2006 Limited Edition designed to house Gingher's Lanell 4" scissors
c. The Cat's Whiskers Design Studio 2006

Stitch Count: 130H x 31W. Stitched with #74 Red Dust Silk Thread and #29 Nullabor Cotton Thread by Dinky Dyes on 28-count Cashel Vintage Linen. Stitched per kit. 3/8" copper button. Beautiful cotton lining : )

Soweth Sampler
c.Birds of a Feather, SAM202

Stitch Count: 81w x 81H. Stitched with Weeks Dye Works Rum Raisin, Schneckley, Terra Cotta, Cinnabar, Cocoa, Conch, Celadon, Dried Sage, & Dolphin on 29 count Natural Glenshee Linen. IMO - the frame & Dolphin fiber are a perfect match ... more blue than the picture reflects.


Peyote Stitch in-the-round Necklace
GCC Course: Fun w/Beads and Peyote Stitch by Margaret Fleming

A couple years ago, I learned how to do the peyote in-the-round from an EGA course. {see yesterday's post} At that time, I made a scissors fob using this beading technique. I tried multiple times to make the necklace without any success. This Summer, I made new cording (DMC #822 pc #5) in the perfect size for the beads I chose. I used Green Iris 8/0 #2028 + natural 11/0 #431 seed beads and Sil Lined Turquoise + Iris Blue Delicas. "S" silver clasp. This is over 30" & IMO - looks better on, than laying on the table : )

Bumble Bee Inn
c.2001 Mill Hill - Spring Bouquet Pins VIII MHSB63

Stitch Count: 26W x 28H. Used DMC floss, Mill Hill Beads & Mill Hill Treasures on perforated paper per kit. Felt on back.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I've been looking for ....

Can anybody lend a hand?

I have a terrible copy of a freebie - Sarah Hopwood 1859 pattern by Kathy Barrick-Dieter. One day, I'd really like to stitch it & my image is very small. The symbols are difficult. I was looking for a larger pattern!! [these fossil eyes could use some help] If somebody has a pattern to share with me, I'd be most appreciative.

ALSO ... I'm looking for some DMC flower thread skeins. Know a source for purchase? Have some extra in your stash for sale? Specific numbers I need for a pattern are:


Thanks in advance : )

-------------- The boys are back in class next week. I'm looking forward to checking out some blogs : ) I've been on a constant 'run' these past few weeks & have not been on-line very often.

EGA / GCC Yahoo Group

Do these look familiar to you?

These are pins from EGA for participation in correspondence courses. I've taken a couple ICCs & a couple GCCs. Some I completed, some ... well, lets just say, I learned a lot : ) Today, I found out there is a new yahoo group for EGA members - created esp for GCCs. Check it out at this link:


This photograph was taken a couple years ago. These are items from a beading GCC [group corresp course]. I learned the peyote stitch - flat & circular. Made an amulet, braclet, scissor fob, scarf ring, and small beads out of delicas + seed beads.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

2007 Porter Co Fair -- end of report : )

Sampler Tabletopper
Designed by Claudia Dutcher, Dutch Treat Designs c.1998
Comments by Judge: Back is as pretty as front! Stitches even. Nice color choice. Beautiful.

Stitched on 18ct. Anne Cloth [9-square tabletopper] - apx 22x22". Watercolour Mocha Rose; Perle Coton #5 as suggested. Nun Edge with Anchor pc #12 colour 926.

My Original Design
Pulled Thread Pillow
Comments by Judge: Beautiful workmanship. Nice use of variety of stitches. Just beautiful.

Stitch size 7.5" x 7.5". I used DMC ecru cordonnet (30)AND Anchor perle coton #8 colour 926 on 19-count Antique White, cork linen. Stitches used: Reeded Stitch; Open Trellis; Rosette Stitch; Finnish Stitch; Three-sided Stitch; Honeycomb Stitch; Mixed Faggot Variation Stitch.

N.Hinde 1778; A Miniature Sampler
c.1991 The Scarlet Letter; Historic Needlework Reproduction
Comments by Judge: Really cute. Excellent job - Where is the "J"?

I used Red Silk, AVAS colour 945 - on 32 count Antique Ivory Linen. Stitched over one thread. 88w x 56h Per instructions "feel free to personalize your sampler with your own name or initials & the date..." I continue to ponder using my name or the sampler-makers names when stitching a repro piece.

Tin Pin Heart
c.2001, Ruth Sparrow, Twisted Threads
Comments by Judge: Beautiful & unbelievable tiny stitches. Do you have x-ray vision? Love it.

Stitched over one linen thread with DMC 221 - red & Anchor 152 - navy blue on 32-ct Platinum Belfast. 46w x 46h. Mounted into TF04 Tin Pin Square.


OK, my stitching pals ... now it is your turn. How did you do at the fairs this Summer? Congrats to Deb L [w/o blog] for being awarded the Champion Rosette at the Porter Co Fair. Well Deserved. Beautiful L&L piece. Congrats to Sue D and Elaine H, too, for all their ribbon-wearing entries!!! Great job : )

Tonight ... Open House for the Lake County Fair. I have different projects entered. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! In the past, I've been awarded a couple sweepstakes rosettes on my beaded pins; however, I'd flip for a sweepstakes rosette on any STITCHED piece. That prize continues to pass over my entries year after year : )

They land on Sue D & Deb L's entries!!! They are tops at what they do best : )

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My 2007 Porter County Fair Results, Part Two

Ground Hog Day
Bent Creek online freebie
Comments by Judge: Very sweet pillow - love the beadwork. Cute, muted country colors, nice-

Stitched with Week's Dye Works Cocoa, Charcoal, Putty; DMC floss 501, 814, 930, 822; Mill Hill beads (42014) for the eyes on 16-count Old Rose Aida.

Mystery Sampler
c.1991 Jana P. Kerr
Comments by Judge: Pretty, delicate. Beautiful back. Excellent workmanship-

NeedleArts June 2005, Lesson I: Cross Stitches & Marking Stitches
NeedleArts Sep 2005, Lesson II: Double Running Stitch
NeedleArts Dec 2005:
Lesson III: Pulled Four-Sided Stitch & Satin Stitch
Lesson IV: Irish Stitch (& a little Blackwork, too!)
Lesson V: Four-sided stitch, Herringbone Stitch, Reversible Cross Stitch, & Satin Stitch
NeedleArts Mar 2006:
Lesson VI: Interlacing, ladder & Italian Hemstitching
Lesson VII: Floral Borders, Smyrna Crosses, Rice Stitch & Eyelets
NeedleArts June 2006:
Lesson VIII: Pattern & Damask Darning
Lesson IX: Hardanger Embroidery
NeedleArts Sep 2006:
Lesson X: Small Eyelets, Standish Stitch, Montenegrin, & Long-armed Cross Stitch
Lesson XI: Blackwork Border & Queen Stitch
NeedleArts Dec 2006:
Lesson XII: Four-sided, satin, & Faggot Stitches
Lesson XIII: Blackwork Motif (single running stitch)
Lesson XIV: Cross Stitch over one linen thread
Lesson XV: Finishing

Stitched on Zweigart Banding (cream) #7009-003 with: DMC floss 3053; DMC perle cotton 12 ecru & DMC perle cotton 8 ecru; Anchor floss 1035, 1034, 1033, 897, 895, 893, 681, 888, 887, 1387; AVAS 1714, 1716, 1011, & 4622; Silk Mori 0434. Bellpull hardware - 10cm #512410 x 2.

Bargello Pine Trees Stocking
Lois Caron - online free pattern
Comments by Judge:Very nicely done inside & out. Nice precise stitches. Like untraditional color choice - Rope trim add the finishing touch -

Stitched on white 25-count lugana with navy watercolour; evergreen watercolour; metallic (scrap on hand); perle cotton #5 blanc; perle cotton #5 pale green; Snow.

Until tomorrow ... for the final pictures : )


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