Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stitching w/Deadlines ...

I did finish one book mark for the Nordic Needle challenge
I don't think I'll have enough time to stitch a second design

I was asked who designed this particular bookmark -- I checked the Leisure Arts booklet & several designers are listed for this collection. More about the pattern booklet HERE. And, if you are interested in the challenge, stitch quickly as they are supposed to be submitted by May 8th!

Next, I will hand piece a couple block for the Friendship Quilt. More about that HERE. I have the pieces cut out & have started to stitch the flower pot sections together. I try to make TWO blocks & submit the best one!

This might be a better picture of the bookmark:

Embroidery Floss Cards
I found an interesting freebie HERE. There are instructions and patterns to make your own Embroidery Floss Cards. Looks like fun - so creative : )

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keiskamma Altarpiece in Chicago

Last Thursday, DH had a rare afternoon off. We took an afternoon train into Chicago for lunch at Shaw's Crab House .

It was a nice afternoon to walk around [before the rain showers began] so we visited Millennium Park to see Mark Di Suvero's large-scale sculptures and the Jelly Bean , aka Cloud Gate.

We also stopped by St. James Cathedral to view the Keiskamma Altarpiece. Not only were the stitched areas brilliant, detailed, stitched with love -- the beaded sections were exquisite! Some photos from the web site here:

You Tube Videos
The Keiskamma Altarpiece
March 27 - May 11, 2008
St. James Cathedral | 65 East Huron Street | Chicago, IL 60611
312-787-7360 |

Before boarding the return train, DH bought some Carmel Crisp popcorn from Garrett. What a perfect afternoon!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nun Edge [for Sharon & buddies]

EDITED Per request using darker thread, larger pics & I tried close-ups. Sometimes the close-ups get blurry. Hope this is better:

Sewing Method:


Continue ...

Let me know if this is ok. I can always get another piece of linen & use a red floss. Click on Pictures to make them Larger ...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bookmark ....

Thank You Melody (GF w/o a blog) for giving me this linen. See ... I'm using it for a good cause. And, there is enough linen for a second bookmark.

Barbara: I still didn't finish!!! (see previous post) I had planned to get this all stitched & use a nun edge or buttonhole stitch edge around the outside. DH had the afternoon off & we took a train into Chicago for lunch. I think finishing up two is awesome.

btw, Did you see Blooming Bookmarks and My Brother-My Sister by Diane Williams?? I luv both of them. She is such a talent : )

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bookmark Challenge

I'm trying to finish this Spring Bookmark for The Nordic Needle Bookmark Challenge . I am stitching a cute floral / bunny design from:

Bookmarks Galore, Leisure Arts Leaflet 2985, c.1997
I'm using DMC floss on 28-count Zweigart Linen. Bookmarks are accepted thru May 8th.
The bookmarks will be used during Children's Book Week [public library & elementary schools], Christian School, or donated to an adult literacy program.
Questions? Comments? Contact Nordic Needle

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The AH - 1808 - Sampler

The AH - 1808 - Sampler
c.1990 Threads Through Time

Chart Available HERE.
Per the information included with the graph: "AH used ten soft colors of silk thread in her sampler which was embroidered on 35-count linen .... measuring 7 1/2" wide by 6 3/4" high."

Stitched with DMC floss per Color Key on the Pattern. I used scraps of 32-count Antique Ivory.

I stitched a small portion of the floral border -- and added birds from the chart. (bird/flower squares.) These squares match my Lanell scissors!

Barbara : Clothespin dolls are charming & quite easy to make. I will have to put up a post [on my Other Blog] about the dolls made by my Mom & her friend, Jean. Stay tuned.

Wendy : Tabletoppers can be washed. AND, my boyz + pets have put this to the test already. I've washed them in my machine without any problems.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tabletopper WIP, update

Thx for your comments & e-mails re. my sampler motifs. I've been stitching some motifs from Sarah Tobias & AH 1808 Sampler. It is just for fun - I don't know what to do with them. I took photographs with scissors to clarify the colors. The pics never seem to be acurate with colors. I suppose they could become fobs; however, I don't think I have that many pairs of scissors! Meanwhile, here is my tabletopper:
This is Spring Floral Tabletopper c.2000, designed by Claudia Dutcher, Dutch Treat Designs

After trying a couple different color combos, I asked DH to choose. I'm using The Caron Collection #057 Buttercup [yellow]. DMC perle #5: 800 [blue]; 208 [purple]; 210 [lilac]; 3348 [lt green]; 3347 [med green]; and 3346 [dk green].

This will be a wonderful addition to my tabletopper collection.

As for the questions received via e-mail, the information can be found HERE and freebie patterns to try are HERE. Also, it seems some e-mails are bouncing & ending up in spam boxes -- I don't know why, please e-mail again!!! I'm not trying to ignore : )

I hope you are enjoying the The April Needlework Show. I found several interesting projects, and esp enjoyed seeing clothespin dolls! at the The Needle's Notion page. My Mother made one for me [years ago] & she also gave me a clothespin doll made by her friend. They are charming.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Eliza Parry 1838

Eliza Parry 1838. A Reproduction Sampler from The Goode Huswife. c.2008

Stitch count for this project is 164w x 138h. Chart still available at some LNS & ONS. Color key - DMC Floss

DMC Floss on 32-count Lambswool Linen. One of my fav motifs!

The graph is all cross stitch; however, I used the suggested DMC floss colors (on 32-ct lambswool linen) & stitched part of the zig-zaggie square -- using the Rice stitch. (lower right section on sampler)

Used DMC per chart on 32-count sandstone linen.

DMC floss on Sandstone Linen, 32-ct.

Another fabulous chart - and I enjoyed stitching these squares. I noticed the two linen choices made quite a difference.

I have a marvelous collection of repro samplers. Usually, I browse a selection & something about them speaks to me.

I tend to select flower baskets, fruit baskets, birds, critters, and ALPHABETS! I am over-the-moon when I spot a gem, second-hand!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Ann L. Brown Sampler

Thx for the comments! I continue to root thru my repro-sampler-stash-in-the-closet, and pulled out this gem:
The Ann L. Brown Sampler. c.1983 The Scarlet Letter, Accurate & Faithful Reproduction Samplers.
Per information with the graph: it was worked on unbleached 25-count linen, and the finished size apx 16" x 18".

I bought this used graph from GF AmandaG [w/o blog]. I love everything about this sampler, the alphabet, border, flower baskets, pineapples, lions, border -- love everything; however, don't think I have enough time in my life to stitch every repro chart/kit I own!!!

I stitched these motifs per DMC suggested on chart. I used scraps of 32-count waterlily linen, found in my closet!

These squares look good with Lanell scissors.

If I live long enough, I'll stitch it ... otherwise, I was delighted to stitch a few beautiful motifs!

Friday, April 11, 2008

~Mini Flower Basket Sampler~

While looking thru my stash, I pulled out a few gem repro sampler charts. I enjoy owning them. Most are 2nd hand charts. Samplers are dear to me. There is just something about them. Thinking about 'somebody' back in time, stitching these marvelous projects. Not only that ... but SOMEBODY else SAVED THEM. They were cherished, saved, and passed along. These patches from the past speak to me.

I wish I could live another 50 or 60 years and stitch everything in my stash - esp the repros in my closet. Since that isn't possible, I decided to pull out a few favorite samplers and stitch some of the basket motifs. I suppose I could finish them into 'somethings'.

Mainly, I stitched them for joy ... and am grateful for those who stitched the originals, those who saved them from the litter bins, those who scoured flea markets - second hand stores, and blessings to the angels who created graphs!! I cannot begin to express my gratitute : )

~Mini Flower Basket Sampler~ A reproduction from the Collection of The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. Accession #00012.

Chart or Kit Available LINK HERE There are color suggested for Soie d'Alger Silk, DMC cotton & Anchor cotton floss.

Per chart, this sampler was stitched before the late 1800s. Aren't the colors cheerful? They are close to the floral handles in the 2008 Designer Series 4" Emma Embroidery Scissors

Interesting how different the DMC and Anchor cotton change the look of the motifs

Squares stitched on 32-count Antique Ivory linen (right side) and Antique White Linen (left side).

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Meet "Love Squared" - The Pink Artist Project

ONE step closer to helping raise $$$ for Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Love Squared is being packaged up & will be sent to Art Doll Quartery
Over 175+ artists sent in 2" x 2" squares for this project.

Per Monica's blog: "the pink artist" is a community of artists joining together to create one joint art doll to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. When doll has been completed, it will be mailed in to Art Doll Quarterly™ before finally being auctioned off on eBay at a later date. ALL PROCEEDS WILL DIRECTLY BENEFIT CHARITY. Remaining squares have made our wall art piece a reality! BRAVO!

I thought the visitors to my stitching blog would enjoy close-up photos of the many squares submitted. LINK HERE.


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