Wednesday, June 26, 2013

randoms ...

Almost finished ... have a few letters to add.

Yesterday, I visited the AIC and really enjoyed their new exhibit
which opens to the public on Weds June 26th.
If you get the chance - GO.   The paintings are stunning.   The mens clothing, womens dresses, lace parasols, shoes, gloves, hats are wonderful to see near the paintings and illustrations.

I saw this charming oval box in the gift shop
and when open - there are notecards
with fashion illustrations.   And, the little button ... they were free
at the beginning of the exhibit next to the brochures.

I am enjoying the exhibit catalog.    This is more than
a showcase of the exhibit - many more photos and items of interest.

I gave this bag away ... and, made three
more using the same material.   I have more fabric cut out + partially sewn.
I'm planning to mail them off next week.

Incredible.   Excellent.    

I looked over my 'to do' list and see that I have crossed off one thing for this month.    Argh!!!   Too much stuff going on.    


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