Monday, August 28, 2006

Question ??? / Tori at I.U.

This isn't a SBQ or anything ... but I wondered if any stitchers out there have made biscornu with square patterns on the diagonal. I realize you need to have a design with the same hxl -- but I found a nice pattern on the Caron web site - 42 x 42 - on the diagonal & wonder if it would work??

The pattern is FREE pattern & instructions compliments of Dawn Lewis. I think the eyelets would be so pretty as a biscornu. Anybody care to share their thoughts today?

I received this photo from Tori this a.m. Figures she would be at a party! She says RAing is ok so far. I'm sure she will do well. I miss her. I don't know how you other 'Moms' out there deal with your children leaving home. For me, it is a mixed bag of emotions. I'm excited & happy for her - yet there is a definate quietness around here when she is gone. The boys & DH are great, but I really notice the household routine shift without her around.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I heard about this from a yahoo group - I checked this out at the public library. I've enjoyed the first section. It is historical fiction from Lydia Cassatt's perspective. Fabulously interesting ...

Thank you for all your comments. This week, Alex wants to try out for HS Show Choir & Audition for the musical. The boys have their school photos on Tuesday. Nick has their marching band debut on Friday night [football game]. Plus, kittens will be 8-weeks old & I need to find a place for them.

Carol: Mom Cat continues with her bizarre behaviour. Nick opens the door & lets Mom & kittens into his room when he is home. Mom Cat seems happier. She enjoys patroling his room & watching the fish swim around the tank. [fish tank is contained & the kittens/cat cannot get to the fish]. DH wants me to get her altered & we will try keeping her. I still think her heart is into the outdoors & I doubt she will be a housepet. She may hit the road after we get her altered; however, she may be happy staying in our yard & being indoors at night ... only time will tell.

KarenV: Good luck with your adopted kitten. Sorry to hear it got a crummy start to life. I remain hopeful the leg will heal & it will be a loving pet in your family.

Kitty: Go ahead & add the photos to your album. Go ahead & put the picture on your blog. They really are sweetie pies & we try to get nice photos of them. I have tried to get all of them in one picture without any success.

Sue: I have to part with the kittens. If they get beyong their 'cute' stage, I don't think anybody will adopt them. This week I'm going to try the Independent Cat Society first, then the Humane Society. I've been told adoptions usually happen on the week-ends. So, by Thursday they will be 8-weeks old & I will think positive thoughts they will find new homes. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to keep their area clean, handle them so they will not be skittish, play with them, and keep them well fed.

As for stitching ... zero to report. I'd like to get into some deep housecleaning while the boys are in class & then would be able to relax with a good book or stitching :D

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Seven Weeks old ...

Too Cute. Visiting Nicholas.
All are sleeping ... but this one!
Nap Time

Updated pictures in my photo album -- link in sidebar.

Zero Stitching -- Boys started classes 8/23.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kittens are Six Weeks Old ...

Thank you for the private e-mails & comments.
I appreciate your kind words. Esp today as I took the six kittens to the Humane Society. Honestly, I felt physically ill driving there. The Animal Control Officer weighed them & they are still under 2 lbs. I was asked to keep them for two more weeks. On the ride home, those kittens fell into deep sleep. This photo shows four of 6 [Sue D has two kittens] it is nearly impossible to capture them all in one frame.

This is Nicholas, Mom & one kitten.

Since the kittens were contained, I put the container & Mom Cat in Nicholas' room. Nick, Alex & I cleaned out the whole garage today. Nick even washed the windows! the kittens & Mom Cat enjoyed having their curiosity(curiosities?) peaked. [remember, they are all litter pan trained now] While we cleaned, they all were enjoying exploring his space, watching the fish swim in their tank, and finding new things to play with. Nick is down in his room laughing & taking more kitty pictures. I told him that he has to put them all back into the garage. He said "later".

For those of you looking for stitching updates -- sorry, I probably won't accomplish much until after 8/23. I have some insurance forms to fillout for an upcoming NANI exhibit [no ribbons - no judge - just a display for the community] Along with the exhibit, the chapter sells holiday ornaments [for $5/each] and has an opportunity drawing for prizes. It is a fundraiser for our EGA chapter. I have not been contributing much lately & plan on getting some ornaments stitched -- my GF Sue D is going to take all the stitched pieces and finish them into ornaments. Isn't that great??? I don't have to FINISH - just stitch them.

Chelle: My photo albums are incomplete. I have photos here-n-there & am trying to get them uploaded by category. Over the next month, i'll be adding more pictures :D

Flowers in our gardens

David & Nicholas planted all of these when they went on sale :D LOL

Most of our gardens are full of misc flowers. We like daylilies, coneflowers, daisy, mums, lamb's ear, hosta, etc. Low maintenance plants/flowers.
With the Mom Cat being in the garage since July 4th, I have noticed more rabbits hanging around the gardens.

This a.m. when DH was leaving for work, we spotted our female deer [I say "our" b/c we see her frequently at sunrise & sunset] along with one fawn. What a beautiful sight -- those babies are a beautiful color rust-brown with bright white spots.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lake County Fair

This was my favorite entry -- and I wasn't awarded a sweepstakes rosette ... maybe next year!

My Entries:

Handicrafts I

Holiday Decoration
720 Paper: Bell Ringer Santa (Mill Hill Kit) 1st
726 Not Specified Above: Bargello Stocking / freebie 2nd

Handicrafts II

853 Bead Work (glass): Scarf Ring 3rd

860 Plastic: Beaded Button 2nd
861 Bead Glass: Braclet 2nd
862 Metal: Beaded Button 3rd

Needlecraft II

Counted Cross Misc
1118 Miniature Item: Eliza's Pyn Pillow / freebie 3rd
1120 Pillow: Betsey's Butterfly 1st
1121 Pulled Thread: Original Design 1st
1122 Table Cloth/Runner: Sampler Tabletopper 1st
1123 Not Specified Above: Two Pinkeeps 1st

Photos: here

Tori's friend picked up a kitten yesterday; however, brought it back this morning. She had an allergic reaction & couldn't keep it. Sorry to hear that. Sue D is coming in a couple hours to pick out a couple kittens & the rest will go to the Humane Society on Thursday. I hope they are all adopted out this week-end.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Buzz My Grapes Tabletopper

UPDATE: Before I started stitching the Tabletopper, I basted around the edges with sewing thread -- I don't own a sewing machine or serger. When I pulled off the q-snap, it just took strands of tabletopper with it. AND I KNOW BETTER! I'm not new -- just a lapse in brain power I guess.

Right - lower corner. This is Buzz My Grapes Tabletopper designed by Claudia Dutcher of Dutch Treat Designs. My goal was to add all the vines as they are a tad tricky to stitch.

Left - lower corner. Notice my problem??? When I took off the q-snaps after adding the brown vines (center square) -- the tabletopper unravelled! I freaked out & immediately started to add the nun edge.

Red-Tail Hawk / Progress Report

I phoned our vet this a.m. I was told the Hawk was handed over to a "rehaber" & the vet was in surgery -- call back in an hour. An hour later, I called & was told the Hawk was doing WELL. The vet put the Hawk into the hands of a good rehaber & they thought it would be released in TWO WEEKS. The vet said we did good bringing it in. I'm really happy to hear that news today.

Nine pets in the garage ... update

Here is Alex with SIX of the 8 kittens on his lap. Needless to say, we are wearing our oldest clothing when we visit our furbabies.

I brought my camera into the garage & sat on the trampoline. Alex was on the floor & six of 8 kittens were hopping into his lap (picture above). I was nudged on the side & next to me was Mom Cat & two kittens.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mom Cat is climbing the walls ...

I would not have believed this picture either; however, Alex & I watched Mom Cat climb up the side of the garage door & pace back & forth. This Mom Cat wants O-U-T!! Alex climbed up there & carried her down -- and she went right back up there ... AGAIN. And she walked around - then, hopped down to the floor like it was nothing. I am dumb-struck.

I visited the 'gang' and they were running around, playing, jumping on each other, chasing their own tails, the tails of the other kittens, eating, etc. I couldn't get one picture! Mom cat was -- pacing the edge of our garage door.

Two hours later, I visited & found all the kittens snuggling underneath our jogger's trampoline. Mom Cat, by herself -- on TOP!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cleaning my Kitchen ---

Today, after sleeping in .... I cleaned up my kitchen & put together a
photo album of sewing smalls.

I plan to get more albums created in the next week or two.

Our kittens are five weeks old. They are playing, running around, eating kitten chow, and are just plain adorable. If they would hold still, I'd try to photograph them. They have other plans.

Enjoy the week-end

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Red-tailed Hawk

Yesterday evening, DH saw a hawk at the side of our road. After three hours, the hawk not moving much, we decided to put the Hawk in our cat carrier (a very tricky thing to accomplish). DH phoned the vet at his home. Our vet asked us to bring it in at 8am.

The vet said it is a mature Red-Tailed Hawk, probably with West Nile Virus. The vet said the most difficult part of the treatment was force feeding the birds. He also mentioned he has had seven hawks brought in within the past two weeks. We are supposed to phone on Monday for a progress report.

I am hoping it survives & can be rehabilitated, possibly returned to our back yard. We have several hawks circling around & it makes me so sad to seem them down with this nasty virus. If not our backyard, maybe it will be a part of the Wildlife Rehab Center in Valparaiso, IN.

Friday, August 04, 2006

RAK'd by Sue D

Thanks Sue D :D Imagine my surprise! Thanks a million. I think this is a freebie pattern by Prairie Schooler. I have it on my desk next to my needles. You know, it is so cute, I don't want to use it .... but, I will. Maybe I'll have time to stitch one of these days.

Nicholas is visiting his Aunt & Uncle in Aurora, Illinois. They bring him back on Sunday ... translates to "CLEAN THE HOUSE" and "BUY GROCERIES" ... company is coming.


The kittens are four weeks old (yesterday). I put together a photo album (link in sidebar). I go out to the garage, sit down, and they all come out & climb all over me. They are healthy furbabies. They are RUNNING around & play with each other. Mom continues to nurse them -- when all the kittens are nursing, you can only see Mom cat's face. They are growing kitties.

Last night was Lake County Fair's preview night. DH & I went to check out the ribbons. Lots of stitching friends had entries: Deb L, Sue D, Elaine, Sandy, Mary C, Carolyn R ... maybe others? My notes are a complete mess. The Best-of-Show was a needlepoint with frogs & carousel.

For my entries, the good news is that I have a blue ribbon on the Pulled Thread Pillow I made. I'll be heading back one morning to double check the entries & will put up an album after 8/15.


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