Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I have new bags!

Is this the prettiest pair of snap bags?   I was fortunate to win them at Indiana Lace Day (Saturday 4/11).    Delighted the weather cooperated.   Aside from a cheerful greeting from Sally, these were  gifts to attendees on entering:

I bought some charming bobbins for my knitting.   (from Vendor at Lace Day)
3/pkg -- now I won't be knitting the new scarf with a cast on tail.    I have a practice piece & continue to knit a few rows to catch on to the pattern.    I have 2 skeins of yarn, match the hat [pictured below].  Do you think they will be completed before Winter???

I've used almost a skein of yarn on the maroon color scarf - seed stitch.   I planned to use 2 skeins and some kind of simple fringe on the ends.   

btw, if you get the chance .... check out the Ireland exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago (thru June 7th).   A GF + I went 3/17 and enjoyed the displays.   On way out, bought some yarn - pretty +  expensive souvenier!!!
 Oh well ... I just need to find a pattern to make something out of it.

The knitted finishes over the past month - yes, the "F" word ... are a hat & dishcloth [MIL gift].

I found this book at JoAnn Fabrics - looks like fun:
I also bought a pattern of Debbie Trainor on-line.  She has a lot of patterns available on line.   Link HERE.    Too cute.
  I would enjoy having this on my dish soap in the kitchen.


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