Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Meadow Dance by Amanda Murphy

Benartex ---  Isn't this a beautiful collection of fabric?   Meadow Dance is by Amanda Murphy.      I saw it on a Benartex blog post and starting swooning (link here).    And, then there was the 'blog hop' ...   with all the inspirations.    I thought this pocket wall hanging was AWESOME.   So many delightful and colorful ideas for using this collection of fabric.   

  Later .... While browsing my e-mail .... I read this:   "You were selected as a winner in the Meadow Dance blog hop on Benartex’s blog by commenting at the 

   And then, the package arrived!   Thank you, thank you. 

  The fabric is stunning.   I'm so over-the-moon with the fabrics sent from this collection.   I've unfolded, folded, stacked -- moved them around.    Oh, the possibilities!!!   I'm still thinking bags; however, there are so many 'fat quarter' patterns to choose from ; )

 Lucky me ; )         

Monday, November 20, 2017

Alice Hoffman -- more, please!

Raise you hand if you have Alice Hoffman books in your pile .... on your night stand.   Yes, me, too.

Can you think of anything better?   Yes!   Knitting and listening to "The Rules of Magic" audiobook.   A recent win from Alice Hoffman's facebook page.  (read by Marin Ireland).....     Yes, there really are winners, and yes, this is an awesome audiobook ; )       On to my wrap .... 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

"Knit all the Slippers .... "

  Lucky Lucky ME!

Received this book in yesterday's post.  
  The Knitted Slipper Book by Katie Startzman 

Somehow, the lucky coin was in my pocket & I won this giveaway.   Every day, I visit Craft Gossip.   I think they have a wonderful variety of information, tutorials, ideas, and giveaways.   

I was knitting my very first pair of slippers 

 when I saw this post.   And, now I have oodles of patterns and styles to knit!!!   Check out all the patterns from this book on ravelry.    (link here)

Thanks Sarah & Craft Gossip!!!

The book review & post are here ......  (link HERE)


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