Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bent Creek: Snappy Sampler

Vickie, blogging at 
A Stitcher's Story

offered this lovely Bent Creek

I began following her blog
when she had the Traveling Bunny Pattern.

Vickie sent the chart and snaps ... 
and these lovely pins:
Aren't they pretty???

As for the project ... I have a couple thread choices that I like.
The chart suggests WDW Onyx  - and I like this
particular fiber from ThreadWorks. [suggested fiber Maple Syrup GAST].

Then, I picked out a different ThreadWorks fiber.
I have two different choices.   Once I sort thru the linen stash,
I'm sure one color will look better than the other.

Do you like the needlecase?   with the rabbits?    My son gave me a House of Stitches GC at holiday time and I put it in a 'safe' place .... forgot about it.    I thought this needlecase from Lacis was special.   A beautiful gift that I probably wouldn't have bought for myself.    Thx DS.    Pretty on the desk --- so many styles at the LNS to choose from.   

And, speaking of DS - I need to iron his shirt for work.   Where does time fly to?   nearing 2am and the ironing isn't done.


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