Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nikki & Honey

Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm in the kitchen trying to get a family meal (worth eating) on the table
Nikki & Honey napping thru the Dog Show (on tv)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Flowers from my Mother-in-Law

Close-up of the lillies

This picture is for Karol, who wanted to see my yo-yos.
I need 54 small yo-yos to make a small bear.
More about yo yos in This Post.
I've also made 4 butterfly yo yos, 4 flower yo yos (2 sizes), several hearts, and circle yo yos in 4 sizes.
And, yes, I'm going to use them ; )

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lately ... A Quiet Blog

Bristol Tabletopper;
A tribute to the needlework
of the Muller Orphan Homes

c.2007 Dutch Treat Designs

Why so quiet? I haven't stitched much.

When I've been with my stitchie pals, I started this tabletopper (from my stash) and stitched up a couple of the motifs in the center square. It is stitched with Caron Watercolours.

When I've had some spare time, I've been practicing my tatting.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

boxes for perle cotton

Since my post about the perle coton boxes,
I had been asked about template(s)
directions & instructions


I'm really not good at explaining
so, I took apart a box
& will try to show how I create boxes

I start with a 4" x 6" card
(index card, card stock, light weight cardboard

Decorate - or leave plain

Cut 4 slits & Fold
Attach label to ends of box -- double sided tape, glue, whatever is on hand

Use Paper punch where you want your ribbons

Ribbon should be 18-19" & secure the perle coton balls in place
Not too tight or they will not roll easily when fiber end is pulled

I use a bodkin & two colors of ribbon

Thread thru the box & perle coton balls

Use 2nd ribbon and repeat on the other side

Bows on the ends over labels

Check out a couple blogs
Karol and Marjorie

They both have posts w/photos
about State Day 2009


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