Saturday, February 27, 2016


The Slipped Double Chain Cable.
Used acrylic yarn and size 9 knitting needles + cable needle.
Pattern, instructions (etc) found on New Stitch a Day facebook page.   Link Here.

The Little Ladder Stitch.
Used size 3 needles w/sock yarn.
from New Stitch a Day facebook page - link HERE

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


From New Stitch a Day (facebook page or web site):    This is the Brick Stitch.  
Pattern and video can be found HERE.
I used size 9 ChiaoGoo needles & some practice yarn.

From The Weekly Stitch-- Easy Lace
link here.    Size 4 needles.

Size 9 Laurel Hill needles.

Monday, February 22, 2016

patterns ...

© Kathleeen Brundige June 20, 2009:    From My Heart to Yours - pattern link HERE.   Pattern is on the blog, Aunt Kathy's Place, My Original Patterns.    The dishcloth is Lily Sugar'N Cream, color: Rose Bud.  

 front and back.    This is the Little Crown Stitch, pattern and video at the New Stitch a Day site -- link HERE. 

Friday, February 19, 2016


Valentine Lace - from The Weekly Stitch.   Link HERE.

Italian Chain Ribbing --- two-ply wool yarn on size 7 needles (Indian Lake Artisan hexagonal needles).   Pattern link HERE.   

Diamond Brocade Stitch Pattern.
Link HERE -- from Learn How to Knit website -- link HERE.

This is the Raspberry Stitch. (Which may or may not be knitted correctly).  I found it on-line and gave it a try.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

trying new needles & new knit pattern ....

This is a sample.   From Blog post:   " How to knit the Triangle Stitch Pattern".   
Blog: We are Knitters.   The Blog.   Link Here

I used Cascade yarn with US 8 ZEN needle.  

 This is a sample from blog post:  "How to Knit Flowered Columns".   Blog:  We are Knitters The Blog.   link HERE.  

Plus, a little progress on Spiral Rib Hat.   (red / Crimson).     I am a project bag lady.   Seems I have an assortment of bag shapes and sizes, and seem to use them ALL.   [the 'cat' is a tape measure from 10,000 Villages.]

 Jasper and Honey sharing the top shelf - Jasper, the larger cat in back has tail and back leg hanging down.

 This is the tulip tree in our yard - with snow packed inside the buds.   The snow hanging on today - when it warms up this week, the snow will melt!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Super Saturday ..

Two finishes ... The Beginner Scarf from knitting class and second hat.

Pulled out the sock set ... have the cuff going on one.   Visited the local yarn store as I lost my place in the pattern for the 2nd sock.   Also, got a quick tutorial on the sock bind off.   Hope the "pair" will be done before spring.   The knitting on small needles takes awhile!

Simon playing inside a grocery bag
 ... and, Jasper looking innocent ... as he took the cloth off the foot rest ....
looking innocent.


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