Sunday, February 11, 2018

knit ...

 This is Orbit, Woolenberry pattern.   Made for and gifted to Mom.  I think she likes it.

 Portfolio, made with yarn from Philadelphia, given to my Sister-in-Law for her birthday.   She likes to wear it.  Yay! 

 A fun kit, from 10,000 Villages.  Knitting finished.  Need to grab needle and thread to turn this into a cup cozy.   I have another pattern, by Kelli Slack, for a beverage sleeve.   I think I'd like to knit it, too.

 Since a GF showed me how to knit diagonal dishcloths, I've made a few!  Also, some new-to-me patterns from a Ravelry dishcloth group.   One pattern chosen each week.    This yellow one has a nice texture.

 I purchased this yarn bowl from Etsy Sumiko.    I adore this yarn bowl.   there are oodles of choices available; however,this one makes my heart sing!   

 I've knitted a couple hats this fall.  And have lovely red yarn (Rios) for another!

I found this Wool and the Gang kit at JoAnn Fabrics.   They are a quick project and have really come in handy this winter.   while they can be used as is, with the bitter cold, I've been slipping over my gloves! and, with coupons, I have yarn to make another pair.   Oh winter, I look forward to your departure.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Zentangle 101 "There are No Mistakes"

Zentangle 101

Enjoyed my first Zentangle class - along with two GFs Sue + Julie.   What an interesting + laid back class.   Had 2+ hours of step-by-step instruction, enjoyed new bag w/supplies, + what a fun night out during the Winter blahs. 

Having had the basics, with certified teacher,  Angie Lorandos,  we can take the next steps to learn new patterns.   It is wonderful to gather with creative people!

 My first + second tile.   I suppose neither are 'finished' - they were interesting to do + I think they need more light-dark value.   


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