Sunday, February 11, 2018

knit ...

 This is Orbit, Woolenberry pattern.   Made for and gifted to Mom.  I think she likes it.

 Portfolio, made with yarn from Philadelphia, given to my Sister-in-Law for her birthday.   She likes to wear it.  Yay! 

 A fun kit, from 10,000 Villages.  Knitting finished.  Need to grab needle and thread to turn this into a cup cozy.   I have another pattern, by Kelli Slack, for a beverage sleeve.   I think I'd like to knit it, too.

 Since a GF showed me how to knit diagonal dishcloths, I've made a few!  Also, some new-to-me patterns from a Ravelry dishcloth group.   One pattern chosen each week.    This yellow one has a nice texture.

 I purchased this yarn bowl from Etsy Sumiko.    I adore this yarn bowl.   there are oodles of choices available; however,this one makes my heart sing!   

 I've knitted a couple hats this fall.  And have lovely red yarn (Rios) for another!

I found this Wool and the Gang kit at JoAnn Fabrics.   They are a quick project and have really come in handy this winter.   while they can be used as is, with the bitter cold, I've been slipping over my gloves! and, with coupons, I have yarn to make another pair.   Oh winter, I look forward to your departure.


gracie said...

Wow, your needles have been busy.

Madtatter80 said...

You must have magic golden knitting needles I love all your works❤


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