Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cheetos & Mystery Sampler

don't know what happened to me .... Yesterday afternoon, I HAD to have Cheetos. I made Alexander (my 13yo) go into the gas station & buy a bag. Came home and poured out 9-10 pieces. They are as gross as ever -- and I had orange powder stuff everyplace.

My daughter said "Ewww" -- she is reading labels for all foods now. She is thinking about Dietetics and French studies at IU (Bloomington) this FALL w/Music Minor. Thrills me to think of her becoming a Dietician.

All I could say was "well, there are Zero Grams Trans Fat" and I cannot stitch + eat them.

Stitching is a great weight-reducer ..... with needles in hand -- and wanting CLEAN silks -- no food near the needlework ; )

Hey, anybody working on the mystery sampler from Needle Art Magazine? Now I know a few people with linen banding --- Janet C, Barb P, Sue D, Mary Jane K ..... and our dear friend Lillian who already has it stitched. There is a yahoo group SAL forming. If you are interested, let me know & I'll give you contact information. (SAL means Stitch-a-Long)

I pulled mine out last night & find I am STILL on lesson 5: "j" "k" "l" Not sure if I'm going to work on it ahead .... or hold off for the needle arts lessons .....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Favorite Links

I am psyched. I read my first blog ....

Now back to stitching and listening to the Mermaid Chair ....


Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana
(chapter of The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.)

Summer Reading .... web log

My Stitches .... First Steps

Upward on Onward to new adventures.

I'm working on Ginnie Morrow's First Steps. 8x8 18 canvas. I'm using Anchor floss in pastel colors (green, blue, yellow, and melon/tangerine orange). This will be my third canvas attempt ... and should make a nice box lid. (yes, I already bought the white wash box to motivate my completion)

Good thing this is FLOSS. Cotton Floss. I think more is in the ort basket than on the canvas -- isn't that what learning is all about?


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