Saturday, November 09, 2019

embellished ....

  Every time I looked at this lovely blanket, I thought about the embellishing.    So I bought a pom maker and once I got the hang of it - and the poms were similar, I added them to the blanket.

  The tassels were easier (for me) to make and add.   I consider it DONE.    What a fun pattern.

Monday, November 04, 2019


Received question, in 'comments', previous post about where to find the KAL pattern(s) , clues 3-4-5 from Happy Needles.   Tho, I don't have an email address, so am responding here.
Links to the clues

KAL Announcement:
Link to Clues:

The pattern also calls for tassels, poms, and fringe ... which I am on the fence to add because of the cats in our home.   My guess is that they would play/chew on the embellished additions. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Update ...

Bernat Blanket KAL --- Finished thru Clue #3.    This is a 6-week KAL. 

This is such a nice book!   Thx Goodreads!    Looking forward to getting a wrap on my knitting needles this Fall. 

Simon pleased with the small knitted blanket.

 I'm pretty pleased with the new Yarn-It ... found in LNS!   

 I had such a good time at the last zentangle class.   We learned many new fragments and tangles.   With the new tangles we learned, will fill in a finger labrinth tile (6x6").   

Friday, September 06, 2019


I had a good time with the New Knitter Mitts (Skacel) ... it was a kit.   DD also has a kit!

Started another kit, Montana Mitts -- Wool and the Gang.   Knitting done on one, starting the 2nd one soon.

knitted beverage cozy  .   Enjoyed the cable pattern.   This kit was from 10,000 Villages.

New hat for DH.   Ann Norling Pattern, spiral rib hat.  I've knitted a few hats with this pattern.

 Matese bag - which needs to be sewn together!!!  I'm undecided about making a lining for the bag.   I really liked the pattern, the Berroco yarn, espresso is now discontinued : (       I did manage to find some espresso in green colors.   Hope to knit a 2nd bag in this pattern soon.   

 While visiting Montana in 2017, my sister gave me some fibers. We were at 2nd hand store & I found knitting needles -- this trim/edge pattern was on line.
So, I knitted the edge in 2017 -- and the pattern and knitting became separated! "   

A few days ago, I found the knitted trim, still on the knitting needles.     Bound off and not sure where I'll put this knitted piece.  

 Here are a few of the rectangles I've knitted.   They will be donated to Warm Up America -- once I knit up the rest of the acrylic yarn I own.   

September is National Sewing month .... The above photo part of a gift for DF.   The origami bag is useful for any kind of project!   And the ort container is really fun to make.   I think I have sewn up 4 of them (to be given away).   I like to add yo-yo's ; however , buttons look pretty good on the containers, too.   

Do you have left over fabric --- try a pattern .... link HERE.

Multiple dischcloths!!!   Probably too many to post.

Small mug rug with left-over cotton yarn (takes apx 20 yards)

Aside from fiber arts & sewing ..... I've been enjoyed zentangle classes - and on-line videos.   

 Filled one sketchbook of this-n-that.     
And, coloring - I enjoy the pages from Johanna Basford.   Her illustrations are great fun for for me to fill in with color --- I prefer coloring pencils.


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