Friday, January 20, 2012

Beading -- Part One

With a lot of help from my friends .... I made a pair of earrings:

pattern designed by
blogging at Mad Designs

Aren't these pretty?   I recently met Candice Sexton.   She + several of my GFs attend bead club together.   They are amazing with all the awesome things they create!!!    At a recent holiday party, Candy brought this pattern + supplies needed to make earrings.   Each of us selected beads in different colors + styles.   I was not in my comfort zone, tho, think I chose good colors!    Candy will be teaching at the Bead + Button Show (June) Her etsy is loaded with kits + patterns. What talent!!!!   Candy was a trooper - wonderful supplies, excellent tips, and endless resource for all things beading.   My friends teach and take classes at The Artisan's Workshop (think all things glass, beads, creative!).  

It was my lucky day as I won the drawing for a beautiful autumn color bracelet - made by Candy - with beads and sequins.   It is fun to wear.   

Did you notice the beaded cat fob in the above photo?  GF Beth makes a Perfect Peyote Stitch!!!  This Fob kit is from Fern Ridge Collections.   I had it attached to the zipper pull on my hand bag - it was made by GF Beth - notice the mouse in the fringe?   

................. stay tuned for Beading -- Part Two

Beading -- Part Two

I have no idea how these were created - GF Debbie made them
for me.   There is a dark pearl in the center and beautiful bead work
sewn around.   (can you tell I don't know 'bead speak').   Stunning!!!!

Is this a beautiful crystal bracelet?   Oh, when I wear
it - the sparkle is dazzling!!!   Made by GF Debbie.
(who has a lot of beading talent!!!)

Another awesome earring set.   They are pearl-like chips
with beautiful crystals!   Fun to wear and I appreciate 
my beading friends who share their creations.
These were made by Candice.   

Thx so much!   I adore all my new treasures ; )

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pincushion Parade!!!

Beth blogging at Love Laugh Quilt
is hosting a Pincushion Parade + asks
bloggers to share their collection.
Details on her post:  Pincushion Parade!!!

Here are some of mine:
I stitched and finished these needlerolls.   
They are Shep Bush kits and Sekas designs.

Two of these beautiful pinkeeps were gifts. The Souvenir de France was
stitched + finished by GF Anna.   The Christmas Heart was
stitched + finished by GF Cathy B.   I stitched and finished the small
Sampler Pinkeep - and still have a small one half stitched!

I stitched and finished this Pin Cube.

This is a kit - wool I made a cupcake.  I made a few of the kits - fun to assemble.

given to me (and made by) GF Beth --- Tho, I confess
no pin has ever landed on the wool basket!

These, I use ALL THE TIME.   GF Sue made the Stick it Here.  It is the perfect
size for 'on the go' pincushion!!!   The other two were made by my Mom.
She had a yard of fabric + the designs were cut and sewn into pincushions.   She embellished
with quilting, beads, etc.   I use them ALL THE TIME.

Ok, time for YOU to share yours ; )

Sunday, January 15, 2012

giveaway + giveaway + giveaways ....

is hosting a giveaway to celebrate
a year of blogging ....

Details on her post


also hosting a giveaway ...

details on her post


Have you seen the party going on
over on 

Oh my -- visit
for her daily prizes.

What are you still doing here?????

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Hello Kitty ... Dress-Me

When I bought the original
Hello Kitty Dress-Me Plush (in October) ...
I swore I wouldn't do it.

Then, a $10 off coupon arrived in my
e-mail for their newsletter sign up.
(Yes, my plush needed winter gear)
Ordered a new outfit in December.

and ... I thought the Angel outfit
was perfect holiday gear
(bought in November .... ).

This is the original plush with summer pajamas.
I waited, and debated, and when the store
only had TWO left - I caved and purchased in October.

The brown plush is charming; as is the baby plush ... 
Maybe the next shopping trip, because I swear I won't be
the person who buys the entire wardrobe ....

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Marjorie's Giveaway and Locker Hook progress

Done, done, done ... Yes, it is finished.
This Quilt Block  project
was a locker hooking class - GF Mel and I took (Nov 2010?)
 at  Needle + Thread in Valparaiso, IN.

It is so pretty.   Really like the way it turned out.

[Aside from the awesome quilting classes ....
 I see they offer a sock monkey class in February.]

I 'stalled' on GF Beth's snowman project.
Beth started + gave up!  I plan to get the last few rows
done with a different background fabric --- it is close in color.

I bought this book when it was released :

and like the colors and patterns.   Interesting
to mix locker hooking with a variety of shapes -- use of tile, ribbon, buttons, beads.


The red bags with spools of
Kreinik fibers
were table favors from the
Tori and I attended - so, I have 4 spools!!

It was a nice party with delicious food,
excellent games (yes, I won a Target gift card),
and social time with friends!!!

Did you see the Emery on the right?
Does it look familiar?
Perhaps you saw it pictured on Moonsilk Stitches
GIVEAWAY blog post. (it is so kewl - wonderful to have creative friends!!!)

Don't miss Marjorie's GIVEAWAY --- see her post:
for details.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello 2012, Good-bye 2011

Beautiful flowers from DH.
DH + DS(N) found them at the grocery store.
Happy New Year.

I had so many wonderful experiences
in 2011.  Difficult to pinpoint one special time.  
 DH + I were able to spend more time
together and even had a vacation!  Two of our children
were able to vacation a few of the days with us - 
which made it extra special.

Bye 2011 ... 
I crossed off the last item on my 'bucket list'.   
DH surprised me with a sunrise
hot air balloon ride (back in October).
Followed by Champagne Toast + Breakfast.

I've wanted to ride ... for many many years ...
2011 was the year.

It was peaceful, serene, 
more awesome than words can describe.

Looking up.   The ballon is named Envy.

Our pilot Jeff Thompson + co-passengers.  
ThompsonAire Balloon Rides
Orlando, FL

The Balloonist's Prayer:
The Winds have welcomed you with softness.
The Sun has blessed you with it's warm hands.
You have flown so high and so well,
that God has joined you in your laughter
and set you gently back again,
into the loving arms of Mother Earth.


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