Saturday, June 28, 2014

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I have 50 things on my "to do" list + then started talking on the phone, + then it started to rain.    DH and DS going to the movies.    So, pulled out my bag, nearby, + had my HE project in hand.

"Simply Red, Plus"
Designed by Sandra Sullivan

The pattern + red fiber were a gift from GF Karol.   As I had the blue fiber close at hand, I started with the blue.   [Needle Necessities, Inc. #1342].    I'm using a piece of 30-count Lt. Espresso, from the House of Stitches fabric bin!   

The pattern has a small pincushion in yellow fiber w/MOP button.   The letters are backwards - quite charming; however, I'm going back to the traditional.    Stitching over one thread.   Should be pretty.

Earlier this week, I managed to sew the bottom part of the the pre-made pieces, to form additional pockets for tools and fibers.   Nice to use the outside pockets as well as the inside pockets.     From the time I purchased these (even before stitched), I've been using them.    Quite handy + a nice size.   : )

Earlier this week, I finished Chipmunk, by Prairie Schooler into a needlebook.   I used aida cloth - which I like for something that gets a lot of use. In the Woods, The Prairie Schooler, c.1994, Book No. 46

  Also, completed the wooden piece by Bucilla.   They have a series called Bucilla Handmade Wooden Stitchables.   Link here.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Before moving along to the next project ....

how about finishing one?  Needlework/stitching is completed.   I changed it a little bit from the pattern.   And added color to the project.   Photo from pattern on the left of the actual stitched rollup.   I put the scissors charm on the scissors keeper.   The pre-finished pieces are really fun to embellish.     I've been using the pieces while they were in progress for needles, scissors, fibers, thread winders, etc.  
 Almost -- I have a few tatting patterns out.   I'd like to edge the brown felt piece with some tatting.   The needlework is probably completed.   When I sew the tatted edge on, I will also sew the bottom of the stitched part - to create a pocket.  

 The Scissors pocket - fits inside the lowest pocket on the roll.   The back has a nice magnet for a book of needles, a needle rest - or just to keep the scissors inside.   The fancy pins were a gift from   Vickie    , who blogs at A Stitcher's Story.  
This set is STITCHED - just not finished.   I need to sew the bottom of the front panels [to form a pockets] and sew the small piece into a pincushion.   I may use some tatted trim.   Not sure how I'll embellish the pincushion - it seems so small.      
The stitched initials are from BBD A Stitcher's Journey.   The patterns, by Sandra Sullivan Homespun Elegance, Ltd.,  are pictured below.    I used Week's Baked Apple on the roll.   Simply Shaker Cidermill Brown for scissors, couple initials.   Also used Simply Shaker Heirloom Gold for the initial on the roll.   Dried Thyme [GAST] for all the green.   Crescent Colours Used Brick on scissor pocket, fold over + soon to be pincushion.   All the Blue from skein of Needle Necessities, Inc. #1342.   Amber Pearl Buttons, Scissors Charm, safety pins.   And, will add tatting this or next week.   

While hunting down my amber pearl buttons ... I found my HE ABC ornament/fob pattern + supplies AND my Bent Creek snapper project.  They had been hiding from me -- I knew I put them someplace, and at last unearthed them.  I pulled out some fibers for the BBD Her Sampler.   
 I have mixed a few silk and cotton fibers.   I have linen, too.   It is hiding!   I want to finished the Homespun Elegance pieces first - then will pick up the alphabet sampler.   If you have not seen the sampler - visit the Blackbird Design blog and follow the link to the free pattern.           

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Roll Up ... continues

Have a little more completed.  Now that I have
made a few changes to the pattern + added
color and Initial, it should be finished soon.
 This needlework project is
which I started awhile back.
I'm using more overdye colors than
Plus, changed the motifs a little bit, different alphabet, too.

I have some tatting to do around the pin area - found the scissors charm
and button last night.
And, think I know what I want to do with the "over one" stitched piece.

And, final request for donations to the National Kidney Foundation.
 Any amount is welcome.   Our team, Kidney Trotters, will walk together in Indianapolis on Saturday.    DD, DH + I will participate.   Please consider a donation.   You may click on THIS LINK, or in SIDEBAR to donate.   Thank you for your support.


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