Sunday, March 03, 2013

A repeat post ....

Updated Jun 2018

I had posted this on the
last Summer.

Recently, I have had some e-mails regarding
where to find
links to origami bags + ort containter

So --- will repost the info here:  

Have some fabric left overs?

Maybe you need an ort container --
Or, you'd like to make them for your friends !!!


Primitive Gatherings

Needling Things

Seaside Stitches (Tina Craig)

Feeling more ambitious?

How about creating a pouch for your lace, yarn, tatting,
and supplies ...


Quilts A Lott

Sew Can She's

Mary Grace Tutorial


Origami Drawstring Pouch Tutorial by Hiromi

(Martha Stewart)

(Mirkwood Designs)

Folded Bag (unable to translate - good photos)

Traveling in Circles Tote


Creating a Bourse - Class/Tutorial by  Isabelle

Tolt Folded Bay with Veronica

(Jeni Baker)


(Between the Lines)

(Lisa + Sara)

Enjoy the day  : )


cucki said...

thank you for the lovely links..
hugs x

kitblu said...

Thanks for the repeat post ... especially as I didn't see it the first time! I pinned several of these projects.

Elena said...

Thanks for the links to these tutorials! I bookmarked as I certainly need something for my orts :-)


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