Wednesday, May 26, 2021

CQ + Prairie Schooler projects

This is the next step in Kathy Shaw's class.
Class information HERE.  

These are my ribbon violets -- After trial-n-error, they seem to be okay.

In addition to the ribbon embroidery,  GF Cathy B, blogging at With Needle and Thread,
helped me out with a complimentary pattern from Prairie Schooler.
A friend made a pincushion for me, years back, and I've used it so often, it is getting beat up!
I started a new one, on aida cloth.  
 It is a nice pattern and will grow up to be my new pincushion.

The rabbit needlebook, in above photo, is on the same color aida cloth.   
Pattern from Prairie Schooler, In The Woods.  

The Prairie Schooler, c.1994, Book No. 46.


Saturday, May 08, 2021


The next part of my CQ block
is making ribbon flowers.

A challenge.

I've done very little with ribbons.

I have purchased some & owned some from Pat Winter, now hanging up to get the wrinkles out!

Next week, I'll get a section done.



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