Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Reposting .... Boxes for perle coton balls

I have had a few comments regarding  perle coton boxes I have made.   I use them all the time.  They are made with index cards and ribbons.   I use these boxes to keep the perle coton balls from rolling around, to easily pull fiber off the core, and save the label!  

So - here is the post - again.   And there is a link in the sidebar.


Since my posts about the perle coton boxes, I had been asked about template(s) directions & instructions.  The index cards can be plain, or stamped with motifs.  CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE I'm really not good at explaining so, I took apart a box & will try to show how I create boxes I start with a 4" x 6" card (index card, card stock, light weight cardboard Decorate - or leave plain Cut 4 slits & Fold Attach label to ends of box -- double sided tape, glue, whatever is on hand Use Paper punch where you want your ribbons Ribbon should be 18-19" & secure the perle coton balls in place Not too tight or they will not roll easily when fiber end is pulled I use a bodkin & two colors of ribbon Thread thru the box & perle coton balls Use 2nd ribbon and repeat on the other side Bows on the ends over labels These were originally made for NANI State Day.  You can also make a box for one perle coton ball.  Adjust the size.  

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Ground Hog Day !

Link to Pattern



Will the groundhog see a shadow, six more weeks of winter?    Will the sky be overcast, and the groundhog not see a shadow, early spring?

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Pet Pix

 Because there are blog followers, unable to leave comments, I have been asked about our cats.   I guess I haven't posted about them in awhile.   Yes, we still have four indoor kittys AND 1-2 ferel, outdoor kittys that come by.

This is Jasper.   He poses for the camera!
He was a driveway drop off that we adopted.
He is apx 9 yrs old.

Jasper + Callie.
Often curl up together.

Callie - apx 5 yrs old.   Not sure where she came from.  She just showed up pregnant and kept visiting.  We guessed she was a barn cat.  Unsure.   We adopted her after she was injured - during her recovery, she got along well with the other cats, so we kept her.

Honey, driveway drop off, is 15 years old.
Honey is camera shy, enjoys sun spots in the house, curls up under desk lamps, or floor heater vents.  She does catnap with Callie.

Simon is our son's cat. He came indoors one 4th of July.  He is about 9 yrs old.  When our son adopted Apollo - the two males didn't get along.   So, Simon is back in our household.   Simon gets into EVERYTHING all the time.  
He does not like to be picked up, or brushed.  Every evening he is the first to run into bed. 

This is Apollo, I enjoy visiting him when I use our son's treadmill.   Does not live here - lives in our son's home.

In addition to our indoor kittys, we have visitors.   I feed them so they leave my birdfeeders alone.  Plus, they keep the chipmunks away.
We've named him Hobo, or Beau Kitty.  His first nickname was 'little ugly'.

This one is an infrequent visitor, and our Callie doesn't like this cat.   I've seen it a few times this winter. 

When our children were growing up, living here - we had multiple dogs, cats, chinchillas, hermit crabs, fish tanks.  

Monday, November 16, 2020


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