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Saturday, November 09, 2019

embellished ....

  Every time I looked at this lovely blanket, I thought about the embellishing.    So I bought a pom maker and once I got the hang of it - and the poms were similar, I added them to the blanket.

  The tassels were easier (for me) to make and add.   I consider it DONE.    What a fun pattern.

Monday, November 04, 2019


Received question, in 'comments', previous post about where to find the KAL pattern(s) , clues 3-4-5 from Happy Needles.   Tho, I don't have an email address, so am responding here.
Links to the clues

KAL Announcement:
Link to Clues:

The pattern also calls for tassels, poms, and fringe ... which I am on the fence to add because of the cats in our home.   My guess is that they would play/chew on the embellished additions. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Update ...

Bernat Blanket KAL --- Finished thru Clue #3.    This is a 6-week KAL. 

This is such a nice book!   Thx Goodreads!    Looking forward to getting a wrap on my knitting needles this Fall. 

Simon pleased with the small knitted blanket.

 I'm pretty pleased with the new Yarn-It ... found in LNS!   

 I had such a good time at the last zentangle class.   We learned many new fragments and tangles.   With the new tangles we learned, will fill in a finger labrinth tile (6x6").   

Friday, September 06, 2019


I had a good time with the New Knitter Mitts (Skacel) ... it was a kit.   DD also has a kit!

Started another kit, Montana Mitts -- Wool and the Gang.   Knitting done on one, starting the 2nd one soon.

knitted beverage cozy  .   Enjoyed the cable pattern.   This kit was from 10,000 Villages.

New hat for DH.   Ann Norling Pattern, spiral rib hat.  I've knitted a few hats with this pattern.

 Matese bag - which needs to be sewn together!!!  I'm undecided about making a lining for the bag.   I really liked the pattern, the Berroco yarn, espresso is now discontinued : (       I did manage to find some espresso in green colors.   Hope to knit a 2nd bag in this pattern soon.   

 While visiting Montana in 2017, my sister gave me some fibers. We were at 2nd hand store & I found knitting needles -- this trim/edge pattern was on line.
So, I knitted the edge in 2017 -- and the pattern and knitting became separated! "   

A few days ago, I found the knitted trim, still on the knitting needles.     Bound off and not sure where I'll put this knitted piece.  

 Here are a few of the rectangles I've knitted.   They will be donated to Warm Up America -- once I knit up the rest of the acrylic yarn I own.   

September is National Sewing month .... The above photo part of a gift for DF.   The origami bag is useful for any kind of project!   And the ort container is really fun to make.   I think I have sewn up 4 of them (to be given away).   I like to add yo-yo's ; however , buttons look pretty good on the containers, too.   

Do you have left over fabric --- try a pattern .... link HERE.

Multiple dischcloths!!!   Probably too many to post.

Small mug rug with left-over cotton yarn (takes apx 20 yards)

Aside from fiber arts & sewing ..... I've been enjoyed zentangle classes - and on-line videos.   

 Filled one sketchbook of this-n-that.     
And, coloring - I enjoy the pages from Johanna Basford.   Her illustrations are great fun for for me to fill in with color --- I prefer coloring pencils.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Knitting progress + treasures

 Lucky, lucky me!!!   The winner of Wendy's giveaway!  The pearl bracelet fits purr-fectly --- Each time I've worn it, I've received compliments!

Vintage finds while shopping with my sister.      Spool knitters are my weakness.   I think they are fun to own.   And fun to find in vintage stores.   
The vintage sewing ruler.   The older ruler is already in use!

My sister came for a visit (in August) and she brought her vintage beaded necklaces with her!   This is one I chose, from quite an assortment!  A turtle, hearts and crystals!   She enjoys going out to 2nd hand stores and picking up vintage necklaces.  The washes the beads + findings, then puts them back together with a creative twist!

 I've had this kit (from Stitches Midwest) and decided I should finish it!   I think I'm 75-80% done.   The lace knitting slows me down - the results are beautiful!  Angela's Dream Scarf by Jeanette Estee Famulari

This was a class - taken at the Local Knitting Store.
I started my 2nd Mosaic knitted bag.   The first one I knitted came out so nice -- and I had extra yarn for a 2nd one.   Colors will be similar.   Pattern is Mosaic Bag by Cindy Walker.   Yarn I am using is Erika Knight British Blue Wool.   

The last two knitting classes I've taken, at the local knitting store, were taught by Laura Ricketts.  The subject:  Twined Knitting.   
   Such a treat to have Laura's twined knitted pieces in hand.  It is a beautiful technique.   Awesome color and texture.  We learned to use z-spun yarn and create braids and the crook stitch. 
  Maybe one day I'll have cuffs --- I am so glad I know this technique.   I doubt I could have figured it out by videos and tutorials on line!!!   Laura also brought a couple books for us to look thru -- this one caught my eye + I was able to find it on line.   Out of print, and not very expensive. 

The "F" word --- yes, finished.   Woolenberry's Hearald wrap.  
This one took awhile.   I would do a few rows, set it aside.  Knit a few rows, set it aside.  The store in Bloomington, Indiana closed - I'm not sure where to find more of this yarn.   It is a dream to knit with.

 I've continued the lace edge from Piecework Magazine.   it is called Lace No. 10 -- from Mary Elizabeth's 1935 book.   I submitted a photo & it was published in the April issue!  
  Imagine that!     

Our DD's kitty enjoys the KnitPicks bag from
Stitches Midwest.   This cat cannot ignore a tote!

 These stitch markers were a 'win' from the Stitches Midwest Scavenger Hunt.   I enjoy going + seeing all the new patterns and yarns.  And toys!!!   It is great to find a bargain here-n-there.   

 This past Spring, I made a few dish dresses for girlfriends.   A fun addition to most kitchens during spring cleaning!    

 I may give up on cup cozy -- not sure I'm crazy about the final knitted results.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

The World’s Longest Band Sampler Project

Have you heard?   To celebrate World Embroidery Day (2018) he San Francisco School of Needlework + Design posted an invitation to participate in creating the World's Longest Band Sampler.    I know .... what fun to create a band (with their template ... see photo --- from their post) and participate in the project!  The plan is to sew together the bands which are submitted, no deadline posted. 

 Visit the The San Francisco School of Needlework and Design site for details. Look for the post:

Help us create the World’s Longest Band Sampler!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Come out to the fair!

Lafayette Lacemakers will be demonstrating
at the Jasper Co Fair on Sunday.

If you are there, swing by and say hello!

FREE butterfly pattern.   Link HERE.

Mary Elizabeth's Lace No. 10
Knitting pattern in Piecework Magazine.   May/Jun 2016

2671 W Clark Street
Rensselaer, IN 47978
(Highway 114 between Rensselaer and I-65)

Sunday, July 15th
2-5:00 p.m.
Community Building


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