Tuesday, July 21, 2015

knitting update ....

I seem to be drawn to knitting patterns with lace techniques.   So far, I've knitted with size 7 or 8 -- so, my MIL gave us some needles - pink ones are size 3.   I visited the LYS and bought a small amount of narrow [fine] yarn to try.   If I can manage - would enjoy making the Japanese Feather Scarf from LAST year's lace issue.   I also picked up this year's lace issue - enjoy it so much.  Purchased the One-skein wonders book --- oodles of patterns.   

Since last post - I've made a couple of dish cloth dresses - to put on dish soap bottles:
 Both are Debbie Trainor patterns --- can find at craft stores & on-line Ravelry, Craftsy.  Made with Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarns.   [above for MIL, below for SIL]

 Washcloth patterns in seed stitch and moss stitch - from Ravelry, designed by Mindy Hudson.  Made with Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarns.
 Below, fir cone stitch - from Pauline Knits blog.

And the scarf - the Beginner Scarf from Knitting class --- now 28", almost finished the first skein of yarn - will soon add the 2nd skein of yarn.   


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