Thursday, September 28, 2006

More stash ...

Visited House of Stitches today. Nothing like an Autumn drive in the rain ... I picked out a nice soft green linen for the tree pattern.

Picked out these two JBW patterns that I've had my eye on. I confess to wanting more. I know I'll be heading there again soon to pick up my Brightneedle Kit [when it is ready].

And bought THE must have magazine ...

Thanx Mel for riding along. Fun to meet up with Sue D, Deb L, and Linda H at the shop. They arrived before us & didn't buy up everything in the store :D

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ta da ...

Hard to believe this is green evenweave -- we are having another overcast, dreary day in Indiana. After several floss changes ... it is complete.

When I started to cross stitch I didn't know how to make projects into ornaments. I stitched this on lavender mist linen [probably 32 count] for a tuck-a-way pillow. These are the floss colors the chart calls for! Most likely, I did this in 1998.

floss bobbins

Thanx for asking. I bought these plastic floss bobbins from House of Stitches in LaPorte, Indiana. I don't remember the price. I have four different colors: lime, orange, turquoise & purple. If you go to the web site, the e-mail & phone numbers are listed.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Joyful Night

I am using 28-count evenweave in Waterlily [colour]. Because of the evenweave, I had to change a few floss colors -- otherwise, I would have finished by now! This is "Joyful Night" c.1998 Tina Richards Herman of Shepherd's Bush Printworks. From the JCS Ornament magazine. 323H x 37W - cotton floss

week-end ...

My week-end was spent reading one day & housecleaning one day. How exciting. Did manage a small amount of stitching ...

I enjoyed purchasing these 2nd hand books. For a total of $2.75. Bargain shopping.

Friday, September 22, 2006

links & web sites ....

If you are interested in more information, check out K's Creations for the lap stand I am using. IMO, it is a good product. Magnifier(s) at Daylight. Light from Ott

If I had more space, I'd probably be looking at the needlework floor stands & their accessories. [ie. Lowery, EZ stitchers, Grip-it, Artisan Des, & K's]

I found web sites (loaded with info & photos):
Artisan Design
EZ stitch

I noticed many on-line shops have photos & prices [with shipping, etc]

My dream [maybe a nightmare with the pets] would be to have a craft room -- or stitching area all to myself!!

TGIF. Everyone enjoy the week-end

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

oops ...

Lizzie Kate. The 'O' is supposed to be a charm of a snowflake. I may find one in my stash & add it.

I somehow 'lost' all my e-mail messages yesterday. I deleted them or something. I'm not sure how that happened ... but, they are gone. If you sent an e-mail to me, please forward it again.

Didn't get much stitching done yesterday. Our Nicholas home sick from school [last week it was Alex]. I opened up my cedar chest & photograhed some of my past needlework -- then, updated my photo albums.

My Pictures

As Nick is still not well enough for classes, I just might put some more photos in the albums.

My Creativity Corner

This is what works for me. I bought two sizes of the lapstand in 1998 b/c of space issues in our home. I know there are other stands/systems out there! I put the lapstand on my desk w/hand weight [and OTT light when needed]. All my stitching things are in the drawers to my right [I am right-handed]. There is a basket on top where I toss the pattern, floss, etc after I'm done stitching for the evening.

OK, as you asked ...

Yes - when I need a magnifier I use a clip-on. For over-one linen thread stitching, I use a magnifer constantly. I have a magnifier on a base which I frequently use while 'finishing' needlework.

After stitching, I fold the frame flat -- If I plan to work on another project, I change the scroll bars [top and bottom]. The base can be adjusted to fit the scroll bars. Lastly, I put everything into pillowcases & store in my wardrobe. My MIL bought me 20 pillowcases at a resale shop [no, I'm not kidding] which I use all the time.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

setting up my Sunday SAL ...

Turned my back to pull out the pattern I wanted to stitch ...

Heard a slight noise, turned & saw her getting comfy. What a honey bunny.

I'm so lucky, not only was Mystery on tonight [while I ironed shirts] Train is on PBS tonight. Nice music to stitch by

Finished Christmas Tree Orn

Thanx for asking ... This is from the 1998 JCS/orn magazine -- The Heart's Content, Inc. c.1998, Maureen Appleton. As you can see from the magazine cover, it was designed to be a scissors fob. I used a cream-color linen scrap & dmc floss. I didn't add the eyelets or the date -- did change the border to red. The stitch count is 44h x 35W.

And yes, I do make working copies, in this case from the magazine... I like to have a copy to jot down notes - maybe floss colors, and b/c I can take the copy with me [in the car, room-to-room, etc].

When I stitch, I like to cut out [from working copy] the section I am stitching. I use a magnet to hold the pattern in place, right on my stitching linen. [I use a scroll frame or q-snaps most of the time]. This way, I don't have to keep looking from the desk-top to the linen.

Started this one ...

by Lizzie Kate c.2006 'let it snow' from the Stitchville newsletter I'm using dmc floss.

She needs some manners!

here she is checking out DH's training manual & papers.

I admit, she does appear angelic while she sleeps. While she is awake, she is in constant motion -- yesterday, while preparing for dinner, I opened up the refrigerator door & she jumped on the shelf - spun around & looked at me. (meow!)

During our family meal, she would not stop hopping up on the table. Alex finally carried her into our bedroom & closed the door.

This a.m., I was almost finished w/the breakfast dishes & left the room. When I returned, I found her prowling across the counter top -- (I had eaten plain yogurt w/fresh fruit in a bowl) & she licked the dish clean. Now I know she likes yogurt.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Supervisor

Sleeping on the job ...

My husband, David, came home from work & saw her laying near my stitching. We got to talking about how she has been outdoors over a year, came into our home recently, and hasn't torn up anything. We thought she would be a menace.

As for my stitching, she just paws it aside & lays down. No taking floss skeins, no swiping the perle cotton balls -- so far, she leaves everything alone.

ALSO ... Who asked me for the link to Pumpkin Keeper by Drawn Thread? Look here

Pumpkin Keeper freebie

Martina's got a blog ...

Yippie Skippie ... Martina has a BLOG. She is at Just One More Stitch

Blogger Beta

OK, I'm just "new". I wanted to put comments on Pam's Blog & in reality opened up a blogger beta .... Not sure what the differences are between blogger & blogger beta -

How much fun can I have in a morning. I need some hot tea.

My new account is

Stitches of Life II.

So, if I'm logged in to one or the other ... I hope the comments show up and not VANISH into cyber universe.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I like these ...

JBW Designs. Has anybody stitched them? Their French Country rabbit, reindeer, etc. are so interesting. I have to check them out during my next LNS trip.

Today, I received this comment: "Help please. I'm new to Hardanger and have just cut 5 threads insted of 4 - I understand all is not lost and I can repair! Does anyone know how please? Thanks Craftygirl"

Dear Craftygirl: I don't do a lot of hardanger & I'm not exactly sure how to repair cut fibers. My guess is that you take a linen thread & replace it. Or, if it is cut in an area where it will be covered by a Kloster block, then it won't really show. I wish I knew more about hardanger to help you out.

UPDATE -- words of wisdom from Sue D: "Just read your latest blog entry. Tell your friend with the Hardanger that the thread she cut can be saved by doing the Kloister block, if it is the edge or when you do your weaving of the middle threads. I have fixed mine this way several times. You don't notice it once the weaving is done. You just be sure to catch the lose thread when you do the weaving, the other thread you are weaving should support it. Hope this helps. Sue"

Christmas Tree

c.1998 Maureen Appleton of The Heart's Content, Inc. [pattern in Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine]. I'm using DMC floss -- on a lower count linen. I wanted this to be a tad bigger. The designer made this on a 35-count grey clay linen - w/stitching over one thread. I totally like the Christmas Tree & think it is classy as an ornament , stitched over 2 threads.

The boys have early dismissal today. We are running errands [dry cleaner, pet store, water store, post office, bank, public library] Boring, right? Nick has Marching Band tonight, football game. Plus, he will be participating in Band Day, held in West Lafayette IN, Purdue University -- tomorrow -- something about football & marching bands. I'm so not into sports.

I'm totally bummed about the spinach pkgs. Once I read about how good spinach was for our eyes, I've been eating it regularly. I know how important 'brain food' is ... but as a stitcher ... I want "eye" food. Guess I'll have to eat carrots or something. There is a farmer's market near our home & I just might stop in & see about some fresh spinach. The grocery shelves are EMPTY.

TGIF - enjoy the week-end

Christmas Ornaments

This is a Lizzie Kate c.1999 Christmas Is Love

I enjoyed stitching this one! I used DMC & Anchor floss. 54W x 46H

EGA Mystery Sampler

The September 2006 issue of NeedleArts arrived. Included are Lessons X & XI of the Mystery Sampler designed by Jana P. Kerr. I have some small eyelets, Standish Stitch & Montenegrin completed. Lesson XI has blackwork & queen stitch strawberry motif.

There is a min-star sampler [Part I of VII] by Eileen Gilliland. It is interesting. It has 13 blocks w/motifs utilizing a variety of stitches (blackwork, pattern darning, satin stitches, filling stitches -- plus pulled thread!). Uses Caron Wildflowers & floss. I just might have to start this once I finish the Mystery Sampler!

I was interested to read [Synopsis of Minutes] "EGA has been losing money since 2002"... and they are considering publishing the Education Catalog q 2 years w/updates in NeedleArts Magazine. Also I noted "Reproductions of items from the EGA Collection are being prepared for sale as patterns or kits" hmmmm, sounds interesting. AND they are 'increasing fees for GCC and increasing salaries for ICC teachers and ICC fees'. Sounds like the Youth Membership will be a reality soon. Interesting stuff from EGA Headquarters

"Honey Bunny"

Mrs. Mom Cat is a difficult animal to photograph. She is either constantly on the move, hiding, or sleeping. She had her surgery 9/6 & her incision is healing. Not being used to the indoors, she is a riot to watch. She has learned how to open cabinet doors. When I go looking for her, I look close to the floor & at times only see her nose & whiskers sticking out from beneath something [ie bed, wardrobe, etc].

Her favorite spot in the house is on top of my desk ... yes, where I stitch. A close second is my chair -- where I stitch. I have been meticulous about not leaving any needles out. When I stitch, she jumps on my lap & the desk top. She lays on top of everything & paws my fingers until I give her some attention. When I try to read, or page thru a magazine -- she lays on top of the pages.

She has learned to prowl when the dogs are sleeping. She has learned to tiptoe around Button (the 19 year old cat who despises her presence). She figured out quickly that Nikki thinks she is the cat's meow. AND, she adores my husband. He is her favorite human in this household.

12.1 lb Prince Nikki vs. 6.7 lb Mrs. Mom Cat

The toy mouse doesn't have a chance!

Awww ...

I think Nikki just let her have it. He is smitten.

And ... there are TWO toy mice on the floor. But where is the challenge in that?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How is 'she' doing?

They are getting closer. Gesh. Lots of hissing & swinging of paws. Then, this afternoon [Mom Cat on the right] the pets seem calm. Just tolerating each other. Mom Cat came upstairs while the two dogs were sound asleep. I think Nikki [Tori's cat on the left] has a crush on her. 'She' doesn't really seem to have bonded with the other pets -- or our family members! Yeah, I know. Maybe time will tell. She visits the Vet tomorrow at 8am.

Seasons Greetings!

c.2005 - designed by Nancy Boyansky of Glory Bee. Pattern in Just Cross Stitch ornament magazine using DMC floss [304, 561, 712, 783, 500]


Joy c.1999 Lizzie Kate -- freebie.

Ornaments ...

Santa is c.1995 by The Drawn Thread; Small Work. The Santa is part of other designs on a stocking. Of course it needs a button on the hat tip & button for the buckle.
Rejoice c.2004 is designed by Linda Ebright of Lizzie Kate. Pattern is in the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine.

Yes, I've been stitching.


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