Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thank you!

Thank you Judy Whitman!    Thank you Norden Crafts for hosting special pattern giveaways on a daily basis.   I was fortunate to have won this lovely JBW Designs pattern, Wreath Ornaments II by Judy Whitman.  It was sent to House of Stitches [local LNS] and I am really happy to have it in hand.    To participate in the giveaways, visit the Norden Crafts FB Page - link HERE.

  Today, I was surprised.   Our two kitties seem to be tolerating each other.   Jasper [left] and Honey Bunny [right] napping.   And, neither snarling at each other.     I didn't think they'd ever get along.   Simon [kitty not in photos] managed to break another pyrex baking dish - shattered everywhere.   Simon gets into everything!

And for the child in all of us, Build-a-Bear toys in Happy Meals!    Enjoy the day - stay warm, chilly outside.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Friendship .... Toys .... Bags .... Stash

Oh what fun when friends lighten their stash and part with their 'toys' 
Thx GF....

A few GFs sporting brand new
I hope they like them
and use them.   I sure enjoyed making them!

New Stash from House of Stitches.  Shopping with GFs and spotted
this charming model on the wall.    c.Birds of a Feather.
Red Reindeer.

After reading Mark Twain's Diaries of Adam + Eve,
I've been thinking of a small Adam + Eve needlework piece --- and stitch the last line in the diaries:

(Much older) Now that she is gone, I know one thing; wheresoever 
she was, there was Eden". 


Visited Hacienda House for free
fish tacos.   And if you mention that you saw it on FB,
your meal is free, too!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Yummy new books ....

Thank you Goodreads!

by Lisa Barr

{oh the power of art!}

Checked my e-mail and it says I"m a winner of:

{Imaginary novel ... Rodin and Muse - again, the power of art!}

I enjoy historical fiction --- with artists or art woven in the novel a BONUS.    Also, enjoy short stories.   Feeling like a good book today after the storms passed thru our area yesterday.   Felt on edge for hours.   Luckily, only some limbs/branches down and brief power outtage.   

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Defy Gravity

Mel, Carol, Sue {+ I took the picture}   at the Chicago Cultural Center where we enjoyed the spectacular
Healy + Millet stained glass dome .... 

walked to the other side of the building to view the
tiffany mosaics, lamps and
Tiffany glass dome.

Found a charming woman to take our picture:
in the Preston Bradley Hall (surrounded by Tiffany).

Walked a couple blocks to see
Wicked!!!!    Such an inspiring performance.   The costumes, the sets, the music, the story.   Delighted to be with friends and enjoy this production together. 

I bought a pin 
in support of the Stand Up to Bullying
awareness.    Link HERE.

Stopped at Garrett Popcorn [next door to theatre] for treats, walked over to Macy's to see a couple of the holiday window displays.    Couldn't resist taking multiple escalators to the seventh floor to see:

  the tree in the Walnut Room.

Time seemed to pass quickly and we found ourselves on the return train homeward.     While sunny and brisk, the weather cooperated and we had a great time.   

Monday, November 11, 2013

AIC: Art + Appetite

This is the garden at the Art Institute of Chicago.   The Autumn colors continue to show off!    

It was raining - so kept the camera under the umbrella ; )
The vines on the blocks were screaming colors!
As were the trees in the gardens ...

Facing Michigan Avenue ...

I visited a few galleries:
Violence + Virtue:  Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith Slaying Holofernes  on loan from Florence.   I have a book on this female artist - should read it this winter!
Dreams and Echoes:  Drawings + Sculpture (David + Celia Hilliard Collection).  Nice drawings in the current selection, personal favorite - Millet.
(mask is incredible!)

Spent the majority of my time in the Art + Appetite:  American Painting, Culture, + Cuisine Exhibit.   Regenstein Hall.   A wonderful exhibit, gotta love Claes Oldenburg's beans.    When I exited, I craved fresh fruit!   (perhaps with a little wine and cheese, would have been nice, too)     
I enjoyed the 2pm lecture and managed to get 
a lot of reading done (short stories) on both of the commuter train rides.

Picked out some post cards and note cards (picture below) ---
btw, see the still life above?   They had actual sugar bowl
and pitcher in the display case next to the painting.   It was fabulous to see
the painting + compare with the actual objects!

I'm looking forward to seeing the Holiday Thorne rooms ... and, over-the-moon excited about the Neapolitan Creche to be on display soon.    " The Art Institute’s crèche features over 200 figures—including no less than 50 animals and 41 items of food and drink  "           AND    " Due to the fragility of the original silk costumes and exquisite embroidery, the Neapolitan crèche can only be on view for a few weeks every year. "     

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday ....

Following a wonderful Carrickmacross Class [taught by Anne Reaves] ... 

DH + I Enjoyed the 2pm tour at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.   The exhibit, Matisse, Life in Color, was colorful and impressive.    Should time permit, don't hesitate to visit and see the collection.   

The last Matisse exhibit I saw with with DS in 2010.   It was at the Art Institute of Chicago.   While it is always a challenge to compare - there are good things in all exhibits, I have to admit the pieces in Indianapolis were just spectacular.   

More information on the IMA Web site, Link HERE.   Thank you Baltimore Museum of Art for sharing!   
Before our entry time, for Matisse tour, we enjoyed a quick peek at some fav paintings ... namely,
Claude Monet Charing Cross Bridge
John Sharman At the End of the Porch
[I want to live on this porch]
Amedeo Modigliana The Boy

We enjoyed our visit to the IMA.   The Bald Cypress Trees were show-offs!!!   The sky so blue [think Florida blue sky] and trees just starting to shed:

Photos taken in front of the Museum before we entered.    

Delighted to hear from DD, while in the Gabor Peterdi special exhibit - intricate etchings & marvelous colors!, and, arranged to meet her at Oliver Winery!
As we arrived ahead of her, we picked up our club order and then took the tour.   Was interesting to go behind the store and learn more about wine production.   I enjoyed the barrels - photos in THIS POST on their blog.   Especially the oval ones == $35,000.00 ones, photos in their blog post.   I think they are just So large and beautiful!

We were getting scores from the Football game, on DH's phone.   Game at Indiana University.
and decided to drive on campus for Mother Bear's Pizza + Starbuck's coffee to go.
Again, Cypress trees showing off!
and other trees in Autumn color.   We parked at the Union and the game was in the final quarter.   Nice to walk around & see the autumn colors in the trees --- went to get pizza / get a table before the fans arrived following the game.   
And, I.U. won their game [against Illinois].   Seemed quite festive around campus.

Enjoyed spending time with DD + was sad to leave for drive home.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A new bag

Oh so pretty in Autumn colors.  One of my GFs has a 
brand new bag.

This moda fabric sews like a dream.  Maybe it was because
I changed the sewing machine needle, or used Coats & Clark
brand new thread -- Really like the outcome.

Before I started sewing, I cleared off the desk - needed space
for cutting.   Well, almost everything.    

I like having the toys around,  they make me happy,
i-pod, headphones, sewing machine, + project going, BLISS....
and cannot forget, supervisor - Jasper.
once the i-pod battery runs out ... time to quit.


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