Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thank you!

Thank you Judy Whitman!    Thank you Norden Crafts for hosting special pattern giveaways on a daily basis.   I was fortunate to have won this lovely JBW Designs pattern, Wreath Ornaments II by Judy Whitman.  It was sent to House of Stitches [local LNS] and I am really happy to have it in hand.    To participate in the giveaways, visit the Norden Crafts FB Page - link HERE.

  Today, I was surprised.   Our two kitties seem to be tolerating each other.   Jasper [left] and Honey Bunny [right] napping.   And, neither snarling at each other.     I didn't think they'd ever get along.   Simon [kitty not in photos] managed to break another pyrex baking dish - shattered everywhere.   Simon gets into everything!

And for the child in all of us, Build-a-Bear toys in Happy Meals!    Enjoy the day - stay warm, chilly outside.


cucki said...

So sweet..cute teddy :)
Super sweet cats..
Big hugs x

Karol R Johns said...

Congrats on the win!


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