Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pinkeep WIP

Thank you for all the kind comments re. my holiday ornament. It might be my favorite holiday ornament design. I have been on the SAL blog & see many many nice ornaments : )

I have ANOTHER round with this head cold, I cannot seem to shake it, & it is wearing me out. Today, I'm going to rest & read. And just look at all the housework needing to be tended to. The laundry is done ... the ironing will have to wait.

I have some progress to share on A Sampler Pinkeep The Heart's Content, Inc., 2002, designed by Maureen P. Appleton.

The top is stitched over 2 threads [40-ct] with GAST Cornflower ... the bottom is the over 1 stitching & fibers from the kit.
Here is my start on the reverse side. I'm using the fibers from the kit, 40-ct, over one thread. The pattern calls for all the background linen to be stitched, too...

IMO-My stitching isn't good. I don't care for the crowded look of the cross stitches. It will be good practice to get this finished into the 'keep'. All the supplies are in the kit.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Swedish Christmas Star, Hearts, & Reindeer

c.1998 Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin, Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine.

I started this a couple days ago because Tori let me know she might be home over the week-end. [and YES, she is going to be here later this evening!!]

For more ornaments, check out Christmas Ornament SAL Blog over the week-end. The SAL dates are 2/24-25.

Swedish Christmas Star, Hearts, and Reindeer

***** ***** *****
Regarding my previous post:

Thank you for all the comments & e-mails re. my pinkeep. I started this kit last January (2006).

I was reminded that the linen will be stretched over cardboard & padding during the finishing & I might like the end result with 40-count. So, ok, I"ll take your word for it!! I have NOT stitched the other side, which has lovely motifs. And, no, I have not ever made a pinkeep in this style before.

My immediate plan was to either stitch it on the remaining 40-count linen ... over two thready for a pincushion -- OR -- to try this again over one thread for a pinkeep, using 32-count linen [over dye & dmc threads from my stash] While it will be a bit larger in size, the stitching will be manageable for these fossil eyes.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Antique Patterns & SBQ

Interested in Antique patterns? Check out Antique Pattern Library website. I enjoyed looking at the DMC patterns!

***** ***** *****

Today's SBQ was suggested by Kathryn and is:

Q. What is the smallest count fabric you have ever used? Did you stitch over one? Conversely, what is the largest count fabric you have ever used?

My Answer: The afghan I'm currently stitching is 7 cs/inch ... which would be a 14-count ground. Some day, I'd like to try a Watercolour Design by Sekas & Co. They are stitched on 10-count Tula fabric.

I stitched one side of A Sampler Pinkeep on 40-count hand-dyed Iced Cappuccino linen. It is over-one ... I really should get the other side stitched & put this pinkeep together!

IMO, 40-count is too small for over-one stitching. IMO-this would be very nice over two threads on 40-count linen.

The permalink to this post is: Renée's Blog >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< "Stitched with Love and Cat Hair"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Tree" 33 x 38

Thank you for all your kind comments on my afghan project & the squares.

This has been in my closet a long time & is a perfect thing to stitch during the Winter weather. I'm especially enjoying the sampler motifs. Guess I'm itching for some repro sampler stitching. : )

This is "tree" block. Which makes seven completed blocks. The tree stitched up quickly. Next, I'll either stitch a corner block or the house block
Acorn Sampler Afghan

Such pretty flowers from DMIL. They brighten up the whole room. (The Valentine dog & Ground hog were gifts to my children from DMIL)

I'm waiting for my next selection to arrive at the public library. It should be an Alice Munro book. I finished the Thirteenth Tale ... enjoyed every chapter, enjoyed the weaving together of all the details, enjoyed the characters -- and what an awesome ending.

Monday, February 19, 2007

"left bird" 35 x 36

I finished another square of Acorn Sampler Afghan. There are a total of 18 squares to stitch on this afghan. I have six completed. The next one I'll stitch is a tree! Stay tuned.

c.1989 Jill Siegler, Samplers from the heart. Mill Hill Acorn Sampler Afghan

In response to your question, Alex & I went to view the movie at Valparaiso University. There are no movie theatres in Valparaiso and the University has a room set-up for film buffs. Another movie is scheduled in March.

On the topic of international films ... this one is my ALL-TIME favourite. [nothing whatever to do with stitching] I've seen it SEVERAL times.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Loved this movie!

Same movie, three different titles. If you get the chance, check it out!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Right Bird" Block finished

This is "Right Bird" 35x36. I want to stitch "Left Bird" 35x36 next! LOL. There are 18 block to stitch & I have stitched five.

NEW LIST: I'm considering a new list for my stitching hobby. No, it isn't the oldest WIP in the closet ... I'm thinking to look at WHICH kits + projects cost me the most $$$ and focus on those.

It is three degrees with wind chills ... the boys have early dismissal at school. Then, we run errands. How boring!! DH is planning some days off work, too. Not sure if I'll get any stitching accomplished.

Judy asked me about my doll, Sarah [in the picture]. It is made by Merry Makers, Inc.. I have had Sara several years. Sarah was gift from my SIL, purchased during her trip to Williamsburg, VA.

A year later, My MIL bought me a Betsey doll from Colonial Williamsburg Marketplace mail order catalog, and web site. After a few years, my MIL saw to it that I had them all : )

The collection of dolls are still available. Margaret; Eve; William; Betsey; and Sarah
Picture from web site:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Myspace Graphics
Myspace Graphics

Afghan WIP

Thank you for your e-mails & comments re. this afghan. I did finish the corner block + started one of 2 bird blocks.
To respond to questions:
-I think this is still available for purchase.
-I'm using Anchor floss, 4 strands. It is charted for Medici or DMC floss. IMO perle cotton #5 & Watercolours would work, too. I'm changing some of the colors ... well, just because.
-I use an 11" x 11" Quilt 'N Go Lap Frame [by Prym-Dritz Corp] which is similar to q-snap for the area I'm stitching. I bought the frame from a fabric store a few years ago. The afghan cloth rests on my lap while I stitch. It works for me.
-Yes, I think it makes a difference if the motif is not centered. I'm being very careful to get the motif centered before I launch into the stitching!!

We are on our second snow day. The boys are thrilled to be home. They were scheduled 1/2 day on Thurs -- off on Fri & following Monday. They are getting a longer Winter vacation than expected. It snowed ALL DAY yesterday & today we are supposed to get about 1-3" of lake effect snow. The problem is the high winds which cause the blowing & drifting.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Adding some stitching to a WIP

I don't understand this new sleeping area. She has been in/out of this box x 4 days now. DH tells me that I "spoil her"; however, she is very difficult to discipline.
I pulled out my afghan project. I don't know why it has been a WIP this long!! I worked on a corner block over the week-end. [after the linen issue ... and no, I didn't ruin the over dye fibers b/c they were inside a plastic bag] I think I could have finished this block; however, I found myself watching all the musical performances, Grammy Awards. Such talent.
This is what the afghan will look like one day. I ripped out stitching on one block, because I didn't have it centered. The pattern is Acorn Sampler Afghan c.1989 Jill Siegler, Samplers from the Heart [Mill Hill]. I'm using Anchor floss on Zweigart Novara Afghan Fabric.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Looking for some stitching pics???

Will you settle for a picture of our cat ... curled up in an empty Clementine box?

Yeah, well ... started Blackbird Designs, Moon Garden ... on 28-ct 18th Century Rook linen from R&R. Spilled a cup of tea on it [uh-oh]. Rinsed the linen. uh-oh, uh-oh. Ruined the linen. For sure. It could have been worse. I didn't have much stitching on the linen ... yes, have another piece of linen on the way from House of Stitches. This sampler has some awesome GAST fibers. Will start it again ... soon. sigh.

I see per public library, it is my turn to read the Thirteenth Tale. Yippie Skippie. Maybe I can pick it up on Monday morning : )

Friday, February 09, 2007

27 Squares

I added the square with two trees & the house next to it.

13 houses
14 motifs

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ground Hog Day!

Thank you for the comments! I'm enjoying the game board sampler & stitching two squares a week does add up over time.

I stitched this Ground Hog for DH. I will try to get it finished into a small decoration this week.

Stitched with WDW Cocoa, WDW Charcoal, WDW Putty, DMC 930, DMC 814, DMC 501, DMC 822 on 16 count Old Rose Aida.

This graph can be printed out here

Saturday, February 03, 2007

25 Squares

I added more squares!

12 houses
13 motifs

I added the & dragonfly & blue flower (row 3) + red flower (row 5)

As for February stitching ...

1) continue 2 squares/week with the DT SAL
2) participate in the orn SAL
3) New Project: I'd like to get my Shep Bush kit out. It is called Heart Blooms. c.1996. I won the kit a few years ago. There are five hearts in the sampler with a beautiful border - stitched on 32-count Antique White linen with AVAS & Caron Waterlilies Silk.
4) WIP: Add a square to my afghan or tabletopper. Winter months are perfect for this!!

Friday, February 02, 2007


Happy Groundhog Day
Myspace Graphics

I was not able to get this picture on my blog ... this is LAST weeks progress on the gameboard. I added the house & cherry motif at the top.

I was tagged to reveal six wierd things about me. And, quite frankley, I had a difficult time narrowing down all my wierdness into SIX.

1) I have banned imitation foods from the house (ie Velveeta, Cool Whip)

2) I do not follow sports, which includes school, professional, & Olympics. I do not play board games, card games, computer games, yard games ... even tho I grew up in a household of people who loved them!

3) I'm more of a 'straighten-up'er than a neat/clean freak.

4) I can live with out tv & movies, tho admit I do enjoy an occasional pbs program [i.e. Magic Flute, Masterpiece Theatre]

5) I love the radio, music, CDs, -- of all styles & miss listening to new 'tunes' with Tori when she lived at home. I do not own an ipod. Yet ...

6) I never eat gravy or ketchup

And my head congestion is improved, my coughing is worse, my throat is on fire, and I have no voice. YUK. I'm going to try to finish up the laundry & attempt the ironing before I get back to my game board sampler ...

Everyone, enjoy the week-end. We have a cold blast coming with wind chills. I have a good book & stitching. Don't need much else!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Je brode ... Et vous?

I found an interesting post Operation I embroider via Anna's Blog, This & That.

She stitched a freebie in response to operation I embroider.

Well, just check it out & I hope these links work.

Operation: "I embroider ... and You?" -- Join Us!

Thank you for your comments and kind words re. my stitching, pets, and my cold. I don't feel much better today. So, My cold lingers ... & my energy is small.


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